Resources for First-Year

Writing and Research Seminars


Gallatin First-Year Writing and Research Seminar Guidelines

Sample Syllabi

Sample First-Year Writing Seminar syllabus (PDF), by Eugene Vydrin

Sample First-Year Research Seminar syllabus (PDF), by Hannah Gurman

Sample First-Year Research Seminar syllabus (PDF) by Hallie Franks

Resources for Teaching

A guide to asking scholarly questions (PDF), by Andrew Romig

An essay checklist (PDF), by Stacy Pies

A peer review form (PDF), by Chris Trogan

A mid-semester First-Year Research Seminar exercise (PDF), by Chris Trogan

A library scavenger hunt (PDF), by Andrew Romig

A list of archives in New York City from Margaret Galvan

Four exercises from Anne DeWitt: analysis (PDF), motive (PDF), thesis ranking (PDF), and line of thinking (PDF).

Examples of exceptional student work from First-Year Writing and First-Year Research Seminars can be found on Confluence.*

Students can sign up to meet with a Peer Writing Assistant at the Gallatin Writing Center.

External Links

For ESOL students: International Writing Workshop and the English Language Skills Conversation Workshops, which are run weekly through the Academic Resource Center and University Learning Center, recommended by Yevgeniya Traps

The Harvard Guide to Using Sources, recommended by Sara Murphy

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s “24 Tips for Teaching Writing (PDF),” recommended by Sara Murphy