Final Papers and Final Exam Week

Deadline for Submitting Final Papers/Projects

Please make sure that when you set your deadline for students to submit final papers or projects, you allow enough time to evaluate the students’ work and to meet the University’s grade posting deadline. If you are scheduling a final exam on or after the grade posting deadline, you may request an extension from the dean’s office.

Final Exam Week

The university provides a final exam week at the end of each semester. Some Gallatin instructors give a final during this week; many do not. Instructors may schedule a class during this week if they plan to give an in-class exam, or they may schedule a class for other purposes (e.g. presentations of final projects, making up a cancelled class).

Mid-semester, the Gallatin office of faculty services will contact you to ask if you would like to hold a class during final exam week. You will have the option of meeting during your regularly scheduled class time (but please note that some of your students may have conflicts if they are taking exams in other courses), or you may meet at the day and time given in the University’s final exam schedule.

Submission of Final Papers

Since many of you ask students to drop off their final papers at Gallatin, please remind them to write your name on the paper (in the event it turns up in the wrong mailbox and needs to be redirected).  If you have not received a student’s paper by your submission deadline,  please contact the student directly to see if a paper was submitted.  Students drop off a lot of papers at the end of the semester, and it is possible for one to end up in the wrong mailbox.

Returning Final Papers

If you assign final papers, but do not have an opportunity to return them to students before classes end, we ask that you return them by mail.  To help in this process, Gallatin will provide envelopes and use of NYU’s mail service.  Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ask one of the faculty services staff for envelopes to return student papers.
  • Bring these to class so that students can self-address the envelopes (to their permanent address).
  • After you have finished grading, bring the stuffed envelopes back to Gallatin and place them in the outgoing mail.