Class Roster, Waitlist & Registration

Class Roster

You may view the enrollment in your course through the Faculty Center (via NYU Home). For instructions on accessing the Faculty Center, please visit our Faculty Center help page.

  • To obtain your class roster, go to the Faculty Center and scroll down to “my teaching schedule.”  To the left of your course number, you will see a small icon (three little people); click on this to view your class roster.  Please do not select the class roster tab at the top of the page—this tab does not function properly.
  • To print your class roster, please scroll to the bottom right of the page and click on “Printer Friendly Version.
  • To view and print the class roster of another course, please return to the faculty center homepage (go to either the top or the bottom of the page and click on “Faculty Center” or “My Schedule”).
  • If your course is crosslisted between Gallatin and another NYU department (or if it has multiple sections), you can view a combined roster by selecting the box called “view combined section.” This box is located above the roster and to the right of the enrollment status box.

If you do not see your course, you may need to select a different semester.  Please use the “change term” bottom in the middle of the page to select another semester.

If you are unable to print out your full class roster, you may need to change your internet browser.  Please note that some internet browsers work better than others; in particular Safari works best for MAC users, while PC users should avoid Google Chrome.

Course Waitlists

When the course enrollment limit is reached, students may have the option of putting their names on an electronic waitlist (most Gallatin courses have electronic waitlists, though not all NYU schools and departments offer electronic waitlists). If a registered student drops the course, the first student on the waitlist is automatically enrolled in his or her place, providing this student has set up a SWAP course (this is the course they would be willing to drop in the event a place opens in the waitlisted course). The electronic waitlist remains active until the end of the second week of classes.

During the first week of classes, your class roster may fluctuate as registered students drop the course and waitlisted students move onto the class roster. You should also anticipate that some waitlisted students will attend the first class meeting and ask for your permission to register. While it is impossible to predict whether or not openings may become available, we would advise you to encourage students who are lower on the waitlist to look for another course.

Enrolling Students in a Closed Course

Gallatin would prefer that your enrollment remains at or near the official enrollment limit. However, you may admit one or two additional students beyond the enrollment limit, provided your classroom seating capacity can accommodate them. You may use your discretion about whom to let into the course: you may follow the order of the waitlist, accept graduating seniors, consider special cases, etc.

To give students permission to register:

  1. Email Gallatin’s Office of Student Services, giving them the name and email address of the student, as well as your course number or course title.
  2. Gallatin’s Office of Student Services will then give the student a permission number, enabling him or her to register.


The Gallatin School does not have a formal auditing status.  Students who wish to attend a course (in which they are not registered) must obtain permission from the instructor.

Below are our guidelines and restrictions on auditing:

  • Auditors are expected to follow the same syllabus as other students, attending classes regularly and completing weekly courses assignments.  Any exception to these arrangements must be approved by the instructor.
  • Auditors do not appear on your class roster or grade roster.
  • Auditing is generally not permitted for individualized projects (independent studies and tutorials), but in some circumstances, students may be able to audit a tutorial with special permission from the dean’s office.
  • Audited courses cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements such as the liberal arts requirement, the historical and cultural requirement, or the interdisciplinary seminar requirement.
  • Instructors should limit the number of auditors to  one or two students per course.  Auditing is also contingent on classroom capacity.


Students begin registering for courses as follows:

Semester/Term Registration begins during the month of
Fall April
January October
Spring November
Summer February

For fall and spring semester registration, undergraduate students are assigned appointment times to register. Appointments are scheduled during the first five days of registration, and they are assigned on the basis of accumulated credits (including attempted hours); those with the highest number of credits register first and those with the fewest credits register last. All graduate students are permitted to register on the first day of fall and spring semester registration.

By the end of the second week of registration, instructors generally have a good sense of their course enrollment. You should anticipate that your enrollment will continue to increase somewhat since newly admitted students typically register later than continuing students. However, if your enrollment is less than Gallatin’s enrollment minimum of eight students, please contact the Faculty Services Office about creating a course flyer.

The student registration system remains open until the end of the second week of classes. After the first week of classes, however, Gallatin restricts registration on all closed courses. This restriction requires students to obtain departmental consent in order to register. If you would like to give a student permission to register, please see the section below, “Enrolling Students in Closed Courses.”