Books & Course Materials

Several months before the start of the semester, faculty will be emailed instructions for ordering course material.  This email will include instructions for ordering books through the NYU book store, placing requests for desk copies, placing course material on reserve at the library as well as guidelines for photocopying and creating course packs.  All of these instructions are also noted below.

Book Orders

The fastest way to submit your order to the NYU Book Store is through their online form.

To order online, please go to

  • Under Faculty Requisition Forms (in the middle of the page), please click on Main Bookstore
  • Complete the electronic form
  • The bookorder form will ask for the Department Chair or Coordinator’s email address.  Please use Gallatin’s Curriculum Chair’s email address in this field.  Hallie Franks’ email address is:
  • Do not leave any field with an asterisk blank
  • Questions?  Contact the NYU Text Book Office (212) 998-4656

In order to assure that your books arrive in time, please place your order as soon as possible after you receive the book order email.

 Before the semester begins, instructors may want to visit the NYU Book Store to make sure that their books are in stock.  Books can be found in the rear part of the main floor of the NYU Bookstore.

Desk Copy Requests

Instructors will also have the opportunity to request complimentary desk copies of their course books each semester.  Gallatin’s Office of Faculty Services is happy to request complimentary desk copies of your course books directly from the publishers.  Please note that you must have already submitted your book order to the NYU Book Store prior to the request of a desk copy.   Most publishers will not provide desk copies without proof of a full book order. It is important to note that not all publishers grant requests for desk copies.

Desk copies will be mailed to the Gallatin office.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your copies to arrive.  You will be notified when your desk copies are ready for pick up.

Course Packs

If you are planning to create a course pack, we encourage you to use the NYU Book Center, which will obtain copyright permissions for the contents of your packet. Please follow this link to create a course pack:

Here are some tips on how to make the course pack process as easy and cost effective as possible:

  • Submit originals of all materials to be reprinted to the bookstore as far in advance as possible.  The more time the office has to compile the pack, the better.
  • Course packs can be expensive, so please be prudent in your selections.
  • Ask the bookstore to notify you if any copyright permissions are very expensive.  If so, it may be wiser to place the material on reserve at Bobst Library.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact Andrew Johnson, Course Pack Coordinator at 212-998-4322.

Placing Course Materials on Reserve at the Library

Required course-related materials can be placed on reserve at the NYU Libraries for students to use. Course Reserves materials include print items (available at Bobst) as well as audio and video items, and music books and scores (available at the Avery Fisher Center (AFC)).  Please follow this link for more information about course reserves.


Gallatin has photocopy machines, that can also be used as printers and scanners, on each floor where faculty offices are located.  You are welcome to use these throughout the semester for small course-related copy and scan jobs as long as you keep in mind the University’s fair use guidelines.  What this means is that you can on occasion photocopy an article, but you cannot photocopy weekly readings, a whole book, etc.

If you need assistance with copying or scanning materials, please contact the administrative aide at the front desk of your floor.

NYU’s Policy on photocopying copyrighted materials can be found here: