Curriculum – Race, Gender, Immigration

While some academic departments focus more specifically on issues of race, gender and immigration – for example, the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis (which is represented by Professor Renée Blake in a video on this site) – academic issues related to these issues are integrated throughout the entire CAS curriculum. Please browse each department’s webpage with course offerings and visit each department’s faculty research page to find topics of interest to you. We encourage all CAS students to deepen and strengthen their intellectual understanding of these issues during their time at NYU.

Please see the rest of this website for academic and non-academic resources regarding diversity. This website is just an initial step towards more fully immersing yourself in the depth and breadth of resources at NYU. Please explore the many options available, from student organizations and activities to specific classes both in and beyond the College Core Curriculum. In addition to browsing the NYU website, please consult with your CAS Academic Advisor and/or your Faculty Fellow in Residence (FFIR) on both curricular and non-curricular options.