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Getting Students ‘Back on Track’ – Interactive Online Modules for CAS Academic Advising

Advising module screenshot

FAS Ed Tech assisted CAS Advising in developing interactive modules for an online course of study to help students on academic probation improve academic performance. Students complete modules prior to meetings with advisors, building skills and knowledge in four key areas: goals and goal setting, time management, learning strategies, and aligning interests, careers and majors.

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Adam Penenberg – Journalism Foundations Online Course Site

Journalism screenshot

FAS Ed Tech connected Journalism Professor Adam Penenberg with the Central IT Instructional Design Team to develop an online course site focused on basic journalistic principles for incoming students.  Utilizing content Professor Penenberg had originally created in Google docs, FAS Ed Tech and the Central IT team developed a comprehensive course of study in NYU Classes, which students can complete prior to beginning their face-to-face courses.

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Gabriela Nik Ilieva – Web Publishing for Language Instruction – Virtual Hindi, Virtual Urdu, Virtual Bhangra

Virtual Hindi

After learning about NYU’s Web Publishing service from attending the FAS Innovation in Language Teaching Workshop, Professor Gabriela Nik Ilieva decided to use the NYU Web Publishing platform (WordPress) for her project building websites for collecting, organizing, and sharing instructional materials for Hindi, Urdu, and Bhangra; languages that are underrepresented with respect to open educational resources.

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Liberal Studies Faculty – Life Science Online Modules

Life Science course screenshot

FAS Ed Tech partnered with Liberal Studies Life Science professors Lori Nicholas and Kevin Bonney to develop interactive content modules for use in both their face-to-face and online courses (LS launched a pilot online course in Life Science for the Summer 2017 semester).  Each module presents course content through accessible, interactive multimedia presentations that also test students on their knowledge and understanding of the material.

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