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Adam Penenberg – Journalism Foundations Online Course Site


FAS Ed Tech connected Journalism Professor Adam Penenberg with the Central IT Instructional Design Team to develop an online course site focused on basic journalistic principles for incoming students.  Utilizing content Professor Penenberg had originally created in Google docs, FAS Ed Tech and the Central IT team developed a comprehensive course of study in NYU Classes, which students can complete prior to beginning their face-to-face courses.  


  • Consult with instructor on best practices for online instruction
  • Identify design issues adapting Google Docs content for Classes tools
  • Leverage NYU Classes tools to provide asynchronous instruction in journalistic foundations
  • Build NYU Classes course site incorporating instructor’s existing content with affordances of Classes tools
  • Include formative assessment to improve iterations of the course

Technology Resources

  • Google Docs
  • NYU Classes
  • Qualtrics


These introductory modules have been offered to entering Journalism students since the summer of 2017.  In addition to providing basic information in journalistic law, ethics, history, and grammar, instructors can view analytics regarding the multiple assessments throughout the content, and identify areas to address with their students.  Students begin their classes with a stronger background in foundational knowledge.

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