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Gabriela Nik Ilieva – Web Publishing for Language Instruction – Virtual Hindi, Virtual Urdu, Virtual Bhangra


After learning about NYU’s Web Publishing service from attending the FAS Innovation in Language Teaching Workshop, Professor Gabriela Nik Ilieva decided to use the NYU Web Publishing platform (WordPress) for her project building websites for collecting, organizing, and sharing instructional materials for Hindi, Urdu, and Bhangra; languages that are underrepresented with respect to open educational resources. In consultation with FAS Ed Tech, Professor Ilieva built several WordPress sites dedicated to Hindi, Urdu, and Bhangra language resources.


  • Identify appropriate platform for instructional website (WordPress vs. Google Sites)
  • Strategize with faculty on site structure and design
  • Train faculty on WordPress site building and administration
  • Advise on content migration from old website(s)


Professor Ilieva now has online spaces where she can more easily collect, develop, and share teaching resources, and can leverage WordPress’ easy to use customizability and extensibility through various widgets and plugins. Professor Ilieva has future plans to incorporate additional interactive content into her sites, as well as design separate areas for instructors and students.  In addition, she is interested in collaborating with teachers and learners beyond the NYU community, and is looking into further development of her sites’ functionality.

Technology Resources

  • NYU Web Publishing (WordPress)
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive

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