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Liberal Studies Faculty – Life Science Online Modules


FAS Ed Tech partnered with Liberal Studies Life Science professors Lori Nicholas and Kevin Bonney to develop interactive content modules for use in both their face-to-face and online courses (LS launched a pilot online course in Life Science for the Summer 2017 semester).  Each module presents course content through accessible, interactive multimedia presentations that also test students on their knowledge and understanding of the material.


  • Produce interactive content modules for 12 units of study based on instructor-developed PowerPoint presentations
  • Record voice-over narration and generate transcripts for accessibility
  • Incorporate assessments for learners to check knowledge and basic understanding of concepts


These modules have been an important part of the Life Science course through several semesters.  Students in the face-to-face courses have been able to review content prior to coming to class and can utilize class time to ask questions, clarify misconceptions, and dive deeper into the material.  During class, the instructor can spend more time on the active application of concepts and further exploration of the topics.

Technology Resources

  • MS PowerPoint
  • Articulate Storyline
  • NYU Classes
  • SCORM Cloud

Example Module: Introduction to the Immune System

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