calendar iconWe are happy to offer workshops on the latest strategies, trainings and best practices in teaching with technology. For departments, we will conduct targeted presentations around a specific topic and discipline, and we will regularly offer a range of in-person workshops, panels, and webinars to the general FAS community.

Spring 2019 Programming

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*UPDATED to reflect date change* Partners in Learning: Engaging Students with Metacognitive Strategies with co-presenter Ryan Allen, Director of E-Learning, U of Dayton

*Date + time change* Thursday, January 24 2019 from 1pm – 2:30pm

Webinar (link will be sent upon registration)

Please join the FAS Office of Educational Technology for a discussion and demonstration of metacognitive strategies to engage students as partners in their own learning process. An unexpected result of implementing student-centered learning design can be that, even as student performance improves, student expressions of dissatisfaction or confusion increase as well. Usually this happens because we’ve failed to explain the change in the learning context with students and they are uncertain about what is expected of them.

Our team has found a few simple ways to help faculty think about explicitly engaging students as partners in their own learning that can help reset expectations and increase both satisfaction and performance. We’ll share the resources and approaches that have worked for us.

We’ll also share a demonstration by Ryan Allen, Director of E-Learning at U Dayton, whose team has been working with faculty there to do rapid prototyping of simple tools to automate some of the most popular metacognition strategies such as exam wrappers, learning journals, and tools for generating qualitative data about student learning. He will talk to us about the problems his team is partnering with faculty to solve and what their partnership looks like.

We’ll close this session with a discussion of similar efforts across schools, sharing of helpful materials that others have developed or discovered, and generating questions/topics for a follow-up conversation. This webinar is open to the NYU instructional technology community. 

It Takes a Team: Building a Support Structure for Digital Research Projects in the Classroom


Date + Room TBA

Please join the FAS Office of Ed Tech for a workshop focused on authentic student digital research within a project-based learning environment. It will be a hands-on experience in which participants learn about the different aspects of support necessary for planning and implementing digital research projects. The session will be structured in a jigsaw format that puts participants in teams, assigns them functional roles (faculty member, student, instructional designer, librarian, technical staff), and presents them with one of two actual classroom research scenarios. New groups will then be assembled by roles for a brief information and coaching session from representatives of each of the functional groups who have experience in digital research projects. After the coaching session, the original groups reassemble and members share what they’ve learned as they articulate a brief statement of approach to their assigned scenario. Participants will gain hands-on experience structuring collaboration to produce learning. Open to all FAS faculty + staff.

From Attendance to Analytics: Traditional Strategies & Emerging Approaches to Data-Informed Teaching

Tuesday March 26, 2019 from 12:30pm – 2pm

Kimmel 405

Please join the FAS Office of Educational Technology and the Learning Analytics Research Network, NYU LEARN, for a panel on the variety of ways faculty use data to inform their teaching. Instructors routinely adjust their courses based on diverse forms of data, from attendance records to quiz grades to student annotations on readings. Faculty panelists will share their experiences and methods, and experts in learning research will discuss ways to enhance these practices with services such as the NYU Learning Analytics Dashboard.

Open to all NYU faculty and staff.

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Fall 2018 Programming

FAS Innovation in Language Instruction Faculty Learning Community Launch Party

Friday, September 28, 2018 from 4pm – 6pm

19 University Place, The Great Room

FAS Office of Educational Technology is proud to announce our new Innovation in Language Instruction Faculty Learning Community! We hope this will be an opportunity for language instructors to be leaders in their own professional development. Please join us at this informal launch party – we will launch our new online space and share the next steps for growing this new community. We hope this will become a vibrant exchange where language faculty can connect and collaborate with one another on innovative pedagogical projects. Food and drink will be served. Open to select language instructors.

Accessibility + Universal Design for Learning

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 from 12-1:30pm

Great Room, 19 University Place

How can faculty and instructional technologists ensure that they are designing for inclusivity from the start? Join the FAS Office of Educational Technology in a hands-on workshop on creating accessible and engaging learning experiences for all students. We will be joined by Kitty Bridges, Associate Vice President for Digital Accessibility/IT Policy and Compliance, for a discussion around tools and services for creating digitally accessible materials for your teaching and learning. We will follow with an active, scenario-based workshop that introduces the basic principles for universal design for learning as well as accommodation approaches.

This event is open to all faculty and staff. Refreshments will be served. Register for the workshop using this form.

NYU Technology Summit

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Kimmel Center for University Life

NYU IT is hosting the inaugural NYU Technology Summit to celebrate and showcase innovative and emerging technologies used in teaching, learning, research, administration, and entrepreneurial efforts in tech, and beyond. FAS will be offering programming around textbook replacement, tech-enhanced language instruction, and integrating authentic student research in the classroom. Open to all NYU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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