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A clicker allows you to gather responses from your students in real-time. These are available as totally online options, or as a combination of physical devices and software.


Recommended for medium (40+) to large (100+) lecture-style classrooms, sometimes it can be difficult to assess whether or not students are comprehending concepts or have questions. It can not only be used to identify misunderstandings, but also maintain student engagement.


Students must purchase clickers, and students and instructors access software over the Internet.


There are many ways that you can use clickers. We recommend not using a clicker for any interaction that could easily be accomplished by analog means (ex. raising your hands), but to think of more engaging ways such as encouraging communication from shy students and aggregating large amounts of data to then visualize to the class.  These include:

  • Assigning quick multiple choice questions to assess recall and conceptual understanding (ex. you have just explained valence bonds; does the class really understand?)
  • Application questions to test students’ knowledge in real-world situations
  • Allowing students to post questions or voice moments of confusion
  • Having quick warm ups to review previous class’s material or preview upcoming material with learning checks
  • Gauging critical thinking by having students submit short answers or process-based rationales for problems
  • Introducing peer learning by having certain responses be justified or explained in small groups or to the class
  • Taking attendance


Online software only Physical clickers + online software
Google Forms (free with gmail account): through the use of survey questions, you can mimic an audience response system and track answers through a spreadsheet output.

GoSoapBox (free for classes 30 students or less; licenses available for larger class sizes): allows instructors to create polls, quizzes, and queries. Students are not required to sign up.

NYU Classes polling tool (free): Classes allows for in line questions for polling purposes.  Available in the Lessons tool.

Piazza (free; contact us about upcoming pilot): collective Q&A platform. Allows you to keep track of students’ questions and misunderstandings and organize and rate responses.

Poll Everywhere (free basic account; higher ed pricing plans for pro account): live polling application, allows students to answer  using SMS or web browser; real time, live results on the web or in presentation slides


Socrative/MasteryConnect (free for limited classes and questions; limited to 75 simultaneous participants): allows instructors to create polls, quizzes, and queries.

Top Hat (free instructor accounts, paid student accounts): classroom and student response system for mobile devices. Make integrating lecture content easy. Currently used at Dental and in pilot use at FAS.

iClicker (fee for clickers and software): offers a physical clicker, and custom software to assess and track student responses

Plickers (free): students hold up cards with multiple choice responses, and you can scan and aggregate responses with your cell phone

Turning Technologies (free loans for clickers and software available through ITS – use Contact Us form to request): offers a physical clicker, and custom software to assess and track student responses.  ITS offers integration through NYU Classes and free loans per semester.  Currently used throughout NYU Poly & Stern.