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Digital badging is a form of credentialing that serves to recognize some learning or accomplishment, such as completion of project or mastery of a skill. Badges are digital tokens that appear as icons or logos on a webpage or other online channel, offering a portfolio that can be shared with others. These tokens are encoded with metadata relevant to understanding the badge, such as who awarded it, what skill or achievement it represents, if and when it expires, and links to evidence for why it was awarded.


Digital badging recognizes diverse learning and legitimizes a broad range of experiences, knowledge, and skills. Credentialing can scaffold a pathway through a curriculum or allow for a more learner-directed process that encourages non-linear trajectories through a course. It also can align educational experiences happening outside the classroom with learning outcomes/standards/goals.


The tools for creating badges listed below can be accessed with an Internet connection. Badges can be hosted through a variety of online venues, most of which are Cloud-based.


Badging can augment a traditional curriculum, and add depth to student portfolios. It works well with project-based and interest-based learning. Some possible uses for badges include:

  • acknowledge student mastery of 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration
  • recognize experiential learning occurring through an internship, fieldwork, or practicum
  • incorporate into interactive learning modules



Basic Intermediate Advanced
Basno (free with account): allows user to create and distribute badges; limited design customization and badge description; analytics and more advanced badge issuer tools available with paid Pro and Premium accounts

Credly (free): create and distribute badges, with capability to upload own designs; allows for more detailed description of badge and its earning criteria; open API that allows for integration with other platforms, including Mozilla Open Badge and WordPress

For All Rubrics (free with account): tool suite for competency based assessment that includes digital badging with evidence


Mozilla Open Badge (free): comprehensive badging platform that allows for the issuing and display of badges; allows for maximum customization and metadata description; requires coding knowledge and server space to host BadgeKit API and Web app