Online Courses and Programs


Our office assists with every stage of the online course design process, from concept to delivery. Educational Technologists help plan and build dynamic course content tailored to the specific pedagogical needs of the online learner.

Online offerings are subject to the different governance structures of their respective divisions and our team works closely with the sponsoring Deans and Chairs to ensure compliance with these processes.

We recommend contacting our office early in your development process. We will work together to meet your learning goals with innovative approaches.

Guides & Resources

We have adopted the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Quality Scorecard Suite as a framework for developing and evaluating online courses and programs in FAS.


In addition to partnering with curriculum oversight bodies within FAS divisions and departments, we work closely with the Online Program Services office in Central IT.


Browse the online programs, courses, and modules produced in partnership with FAS faculty innovators.

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