Digital Pedagogy, DH + Interdisciplinary Initiatives



What is digital pedagogy? The Digital Pedagogy Lab, the educational outreach branch of Hybrid Pedagogy, an open access, peer-reviewed journal that combines critical pedagogy and digital pedagogy, defines Digital Pedagogy in the following way:

“Digital Pedagogy is precisely not about using digital technologies for teaching and, rather, about approaching those tools from a critical pedagogical perspective. So, it is as much about using digital tools thoughtfully as it is about deciding when not to use digital tools, and about paying attention to the impact of digital tools on learning.”

In his introduction to the MLA Digital Pedagogy Unconference (2013), Brian Croxall offers a a similar, perhaps broader definition of digital pedagogy, stating that it: “is the use of electronic elements to enhance or to change the experience of education.”

Digital pedagogy is a common thread that runs through all of our service areas, but I focus particularly on the multiple intersections of digital pedagogy, digital humanities, student research, and project based learning.

Our office focuses on supporting DH within the classroom, though we also consult on research-related projects in collaboration with university partners. If you’re asking, “Wait, what is digital humanities,” spend some time refreshing the Digital Humanities definition generator to learn how scholars and practitioners in the field define the term. We tend to concentrate on supporting authentic student research, assessment and group work strategies, and solving issues of sustainable and scalable infrastructure.  We provide:

  • consultations on the use of DH in the classroom
  • curricular design and content production
  • hands on technical support for faculty and students
  • department- and class-based workshops and overviews of DH methodology

Check out our Tools page for ideas on specific topics. Contact us if you would like to discuss a DH idea for a course!


DH-related courses at NYU

This spreadsheet is an attempt to pull together the wide variety of DH-related courses at NYU, including classes that offer skills training, theoretical knowledge, project-based learning experiences, and more. This is a work in progress and we are working to make it as comprehensive as possible. Please fill out this Google form if you have any additions or ideas. (Click to view sortable version)

NYU Libraries: Digital Humanities Research Guide

This research guide is an introductory guide to digital humanities; it covers getting started with DH, library resources, tools/software, examples, and many, many resources to explore.

Further resources for DH + pedagogy

Examines different approaches to digital humanities education.  Includes syllabi and curriculum planning documents, as well as as articles about open education, networked pedagogies, and more.  Members are encouraged to help build the collection.

Interested in teaching digital and/or collaborative projects? This is an excellent round-up of in-class activities, assignments, and strategies from HASTAC scholars. Explore assessment strategies, collaborative projects, multimedia projects, social media and public scholarship, writing assignments, and more. 

An open, peer-reviewed, curated collection of reusable and remixable pedagogical artifacts for humanities scholars in development by the Modern Language Association.

Koh offers tips for those who want to incorporate digital humanities into their undergraduate classrooms and/or lead introductory digital humanities workshops at their institutions; also includes an annotated list of additional resources.

Posner gives an overview of seven genres of digital humanities projects, and the types of skills and tools interested people will need to embark on such projects.


NYU Libraries – Data Services: Data Services will offer consultations and group workshops on a variety of topics. Librarian Andrew Battista ( has expertise in using GIS and visualization and can arrange for consultations.  Specific services include:

  • one-on-one consultations on GIS, qualitative data tools, and quantitative data tools
  • help identifying datasets
  • group workshops and special programming

NYU Libraries – Digital Scholarship Services: Digital Scholarship Services started an alias, that helps us route support requests to the proper resource. If you have a question about a DH project, feel free to use this email. They also offer consultations on:

  • Omeka (open source curation and archives platform) and WordPress for scholarship
  • bibliographic management
  • copyright and general issues related to the use of digital tools in research.

NYU Center for the Humanities: The Center is the hub for all DH programming and research. It brings together vital research communities and offers funding.


A Guide to Creating a Digital Public History Project: Building Histories of the National Mall

A class project for the Spring 2018 “Media History of New York” Media, Culture, and Communication class taught by Moacir P. de Sá Pereira, _Downtown Archæologies_ makes use of the Fales Downtown Collection to try to generate a media archaeology of Downtown New York.