courseConsultCurricular & assessment design

Have questions about (re-)designing a new or existing syllabus? Interested in novel ways to gauge learning outcomes? Interested in launching a linked course between global sites? We provide a range of solutions and ideas for the best ways to organize and create course activities that increase student motivation, provide active learning opportunities, and measure student learning. We will also assist with the development of materials and content for small-to-medium sized initiatives and prepare necessary course-related tutorials.

Blended & online course development

Interested in creating online content or experiences for your students?  We will help you pilot ways to flip your course, where students consume lecture-based content outside of class and spend the majority of class-time engaged in experiential, problem-based learning.  We also can help point you to the right university-wide resources to help meet your online teaching and learning needs.

FAS Educational Technology Innovation Grants

The FAS Office of Educational Technology will offer selective grants that will serve to bolster innovation and experimentation in teaching with technology.  These modest grants are meant to defer software or tool costs associated with an innovative practice or idea that you are ready to pilot in your course.


Interested in meeting with us?

Our team offers a range of services to serve your instructional needs. Please review the consultation process for more information.

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