List of available guides

Here is a list of guides produced by the FAS Office of Educational Technology. If you are new to NYU, please check out our:

New FAS Faculty Guide for Educational Technology:
Learn which ed tech resources are available to you at NYU to support your teaching goals.

how_to_picCourse Guides and How Tos

Student Response System Guide:
Learn techniques for engaging and assessing students with clickers and online student response systems.

Digital Literacy Guide:
This guide highlights three aspects of digital literacy, or the effective ability to navigate the world of digital and web-enabled technologies: Digital Citizenship, Responsible Media Sourcing, and Privacy.

Flipped Course Guide (Coming soon):
Discover how to partially or fully flip your lecture course or seminar.

Project-Based Learning Guide:
Explore the potentials of integrating project-based assignments into your course.

Remote Instruction:
Tools for faculty and students who have to miss class due to weather-related emergencies, conferences, and/or religious holidays.

Video Dubbing Project Guide:
Thinking of assigning a video dubbing project in your course? This video provides a quick overview of the steps students will follow. Feel free to share this video with your students as part of your assignment instructions.

Website Design & Creation Guide (DIY):
Understand the steps needed to create a site for teaching & learning purposes.

process_picFAS Office of Educational Technology Process

FAS Office of Ed Tech Process Guide (short):
Read our guide for collaborating with us to enhance your course with technology.

Course Enhancement Types:
Find out which types of course enhancements we support, approximate timelines for implementation, and materials that we would need from you.

Our Instructional Design Process (graphic):
See a graphic showcasing our instructional design process.