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Web publishing refers to adding/editing multimedia content on the web, often collaboratively. This can take the form of a blog (structured in topic-based posts), multimedia archive, wiki (loosely structured content management system often used as an information repository), or general website.  Your site can have varying levels student participation.  When thinking about creating a web platform for your course, there are several things to consider:

  • Determine what kind of platform you need by answering: What is/are the principle purpose(s) of this online space?
    • To get students communicating and sharing information outside of class?
    • To broadcast official course information?
    • To showcase student projects?
    • To have students submit assignments linked to a gradebook?
    • To have students take formative (low stakes) and summative (high stakes) assessments?
    • A combination of 2 or more of these?
  • Consult this table for deciding between platforms
  • Consider which “buckets” or content areas you will need for your site
  • Make sure to include a menu link addressed “Student instructions” for how to post (here is sample text for a WordPress site)
  • Follow good design principles to make sure your site is usable
    • Make sure the aesthetics are not so overwhelming that it makes the site less usable
    • When using a template, make sure that the core functionality maps onto your site’s stated purpose(s).
    • Don’t fall into feature creep (just because a platform offers X number of features does not mean that you should use them all)
    • Make sure that the menu items are intuitive, not just to you
    • Don’t make menu items redundant (ex. Syllabus tab and Course requirements tab)
    • Feel free to link within sections on your platform
  • Make an appointment with us for step-by-step assistance!



[More examples coming in Fall 2016]

This Google Site showcases Google groups and more.
This Google Site for a seminar course integrates Google groups & other Google apps.

This WordPress site showcases theme customization, blogging and plugin options.
This WordPress demo site showcases basic theme customization, plugin options, and how tos.

This Google Sites demo showcases embedding & blogging.
This Google Site for a humanities course showcases embedding & blogging.


This CAS core course site houses student final projects & leverages voting. NYU login required to view.