What are OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free or low-cost teaching materials that faculty create and/or use as alternatives to expensive textbooks.  Please see NYU Libraries Affordable and Open Educational Resources page for more information.

OER Affordability Initiative

In Spring 2017, FAS piloted the use of OER to eliminate the need for students to pay for textbooks. The NYU Affordability Updates website has interesting articles related to cost-savings efforts.  Below is a summary of the pilot results.

Topic Spring 2017 Affordability Pilot
Purpose Partner with select FAS faculty to eliminate the need for paid textbooks and software.
Student cost savings $184, 052
OER Produced
  • Digital Studio for lecture modules
  • NYU Classes for interactive problem sets
  • TLT team for custom animations and simulations
  • FAS Ed Tech for interactive modules
Courses Affected
  • CORE, Quarks to Cosmos
  • General Physics 2 (use of cost effective bundles)
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
Students affected 785 students across the College of Arts & Science

OER Examples

A sampling of OER produced for Introduction to Microeconomics

#1. Interactive module on Price Ceilings: Click to access module

#2. Lecture on Oligopoly (part 1)

A sample of OER produced for CORE: Quarks to Cosmos

#1. Parallax simulation: Click to access simulation

#2. Video lecture on how the Greeks calculated the size of the Earth

#3. Video demo of the Electroscope

#4. Video demo of the cathode