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This page lists some ideas, tools, and pedagogical techniques related to technology-enhanced language instruction. We will regularly update this section with the most relevant and evidence-supported techniques and recommendations. Also, please check out our upcoming workshops for topics of interest.


  • Innovation in Language Teaching Conference videos:
    Panel 1 on Active and Student-Centered Learning

Panel 2 on Locally and Globally Linked courses

Panel 3 on Collaboration and peer feedback

  • East Asian Studies: locally linked courses that connect Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin courses through a shared blog [NYU CAS – East Asian Studies]
  • French: use of interactive modules for writing and grammar  [NYU CAS – French]
  • German Film through History: authentic language use through video production [NYU CAS -German]
  • Greek: use of multimodal discussion tool, VoiceThread, for enhanced communication [NYU CAS – Hellenic Studies]
  • Italian language: use of instructional video modules for grammar review [NYU CAS – Italian Studies]
  • Spanish (introductory): use of a shared website for location-based project (restaurant visit) [NYU CAS – Spanish and Portuguese]

Templates & Guides

Online Language Learning resources

  • Busuu: paid subscription app for mobile language learning
  • Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative courses: free online courses in introductory Arabic, French, and Spanish.
  • Duolingo: free app for learning vocabulary
  • LiveMocha: free community-based conversation platform (now owned by Rosetta Stone)
  • Mango Online: online language learning resource, free for NYU students through NYU Libraries link.  Click on “Articles via Databases” and then on “All Databases A-Z”, Mango will be listed under “M”. The system will prompt you to create a profile before you can access it.
  • Memrise: free online app for learning vocabulary
  • NYU Speaking Freely Online: free for NYU members, offers online native speaker sessions plus access to peer partners with language expertise.  Go to in-person version.
  • VoiceThread: free collaborative tool that allows for audio, image, and text annotation to presentations and multimedia (currently available through NYU Classes – contact us for access)

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