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Linked curricula refer to integrative learning, or the building of courses that connect knowledge, competencies, and course activities across years, majors, departments, and/or sites to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among students, and among students and faculty.  Such strategies include common materials that highlight the commonality of locations, debates and role plays, the use of ePortfolios, and projects that have a common theme but reflect local realities.

Creating linked curricula facilitates collaboration and the global exchange of ideas, which directly addresses a core mission of New York University “to forge new ideas, advance the questions we ask about the world, and create solutions for the problems that beset us all.”

Digital technologies are uniquely poised to bring linked courses and curricula to fruition.  Our Office will work with the Directors of Undergraduate or Graduate Studies, Chairs, and individual faculty members to (a) structure technology-enhanced courses throughout a four-year sequence to ensure that students are building upon skills and knowledge throughout; (b) create common activities that can be personalized for specific global sites; and (c) infuse technological training that enhance disciplinary knowledge.


  • City Meets the Sea: linked courses around environmental data collection and video conferencing – [NYU CAS – Biology]
  • Experiential learning: GLS students maintain an ePortfolio to promote integrative learning and connect with others studying away [NYU Liberal Studies]
  • Global Liberal Studies courses: linked courses between global sites  [NYU Liberal Studies]
  • Language courses: locally linked courses that connect Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin courses through a shared blog [NYU CAS – East Asian Studies]
  • Worlds of WW1: linked CAS-Liberal Studies course, with collaboration with NYU London. Students study the Great War through various lenses and contribute to a shared blog

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