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Coding Tutorials

  • Cost: Free
  • Time commitment: Longer engagement
  • Tech experience: Beginner to Advanced

The tools below highlight ways to introduce programming into any class, including those in the humanities and social sciences. The emphasis is not on students becoming programmers, but on understanding the logic and processes behind computation so that they can collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams in the future and expand their own toolkit. 

Virtually any coding question one could ask has already been answered in the forums of Stack Overflow

Visit Dash to learn the basics of coding by building a personal website, CSS robot, and Madlibs game. (Beginner)

Visit W3 Schools to learn more about the basics of coding in an environment that allows you to experiment with web design. (Beginner)

Visit Codecademy to learn more through a structured, interactive curriculum that begins with the basics of web design and builds to advanced coding for data analysis. (Beginner)

Visit Web Programming Foundations (Lynda) to learn more. (Beginner)

Visit CSS Essential Training 1 (Lynda) to learn more. (Beginner)

Visit JavaScript Essential Training (Lynda) to learn more. (Intermediate)

Visit Learning Git and GitHub (Lynda) to learn more. (Intermediate)

Visit Become a Python Developer (Lynda) to learn more. (Advanced)