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Assessment provides ongoing information meant to gauge how well a student is learning material, and the use of that feedback to improve learning.


Assessment is meant to be a positive opportunity for feedback on learning according to some observable outcomes. Instead of happening at the end of a course or project or degree, it happens throughout the learning and is a joint effort between student and instructor.

Proper assessment requires mapping learning goals to desired learning outcomes, and then creating ways to measure evidence against these criteria.  Assessment features formative, low-stakes measures that identify areas of potential improvement, as well as summative, end-goal evaluations. Contact us to talk about creating an assessment plan.


  • Italian Language courses: use of NYU Classes for quick assessments and shared question pools [NYU CAS – Italian Studies]
  • Organic Chemistry: use of NYU Classes for low stakes testing, [NYU CAS – Chemistry]
  • Mapping Archives: use of pre-course and post course surveys, NYU GSAS – English]
  • Assessment and ePortfolios: [Boston University]

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