The Office of the Provost, Center for Advancement of Teaching (CAT) and NYU IT are hosting a discussion and panel regarding the changing role of learning analytics in Higher Education and Assessment. Register at:

Understanding the Role of Learning Analytics in Technology-Enhanced Education
October 27, 2016: Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, 238 Thompson Street, 5th Floor, Grand Hall

Session 1: General Audience Thursday, October 27th 11:30-4:00

11:30 -11:45

Introduction by Keynote speaker:  Ted Magder, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, NYU Steinhardt School

11:45 – 12:45

Part 1:

Panel Moderator: Ted Magder

Q: How are faculty using analytics in new ways and how do institutions prepare to support their interests and needs?

  • Christopher Brooks: Research Assistant Professor, School of Information & Director of Learning Analytics and Research at University of Michigan

  • Andreas Paepcke: Senior Research Scientist and Director for Data Analytics at Stanford University

  • Alfred Essa: Vice President, Analytics and R&D in the Digital Platforms Group at McGraw-Hill Education

12:45- 1:35

Break: Lunch

1:45 – 2:45

Panel Moderator: Yoav Bergner , Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology at NYU.

Part 2: 1:15 hour

Educators use formative assessment which is the process of trying to understand what a student is currently doing and at what level and then making adjustments to the learning processes in some way to better address that students needs. Courses that utilize a learning management system or any other digital learning platform collect large amounts of transactional and log data during live courses. Learning Analytics emphasizes formative assessment, i.e., assessment that accompanies and informs the ongoing learning process.The goal is to make sense of different kinds of data for different kinds of learning purposes.

Panelists for deeper dive into assessment strategies/types and LA include:

  • Ryan Baker:  Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education & Director, Penn Center for Learning Analytics

  • Alyssa Wise: Associate Professor of Learning Sciences/Educational Technology at Steinhardt’s Department of Administration Leadership and Technology, NYU

  • Vincent Aleven: Associate Professor of Human-Computer Interaction & Director, Undergraduate Programs in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University

Workshop Sessions 3 – 4pm

  • Design Based Research with Learning Analytics – Learn about the intersection of course design with learning analytics. How can technology deliver to you more accurate and effective data about what your students know or don’t know.
  • Learning Analytics at NYU: Current Tools & Resources

Discover the kinds of learning analytics available to you at NYU from various platforms and tools, including NYU Classes, NYU Stream, and WordPress

[Oct 27 Event] Understanding the Role of Learning Analytics in Tech-Enhanced Education

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