Read about Fall 2016 updates for NYU Classes!

  • New pilots: The Classes team has integrated new 3rd party tools to expand the functionality within Classes.  If you are interested in any of these tools, please contact us and we can have the tool activated in your course site.
    • Attendance tool: attendance-tracking tool in that allows instructors to quickly and easily mark attendance via paper-based/electronic attendance sheets, with automatic Gradebook syncing.
    • Google Group: integration with Google Groups and Google Drive will provide instructors with the ability to easily create Google Groups based on rosters from their course sites.
    • eReading list: library resource management tool that allows instructors to search for resources and build course reading lists within NYU Classes.
    • VoiceThread: multimodal discussion tool that allows users to post threads using a combination of audio/webcam recordings, video annotation, text, and more.  See examples.
    • Cerego: adaptive learning platform designed to reinforce learning objectives and content over time.
    • Webex: synchronous video conferencing tool that provides in-session polling and breakout sessions to facilitate student learning.
  • New training sessions: During the month of September, NYU IT will be hosting trainings for NYU Classes, including “Getting Started” and  “Course redesign using Lessons tool”. Click here to learn more.
  • New in Google Forms: just wanted to let you know that there is a new feature in Google Forms, which allows you to create a quiz that will be automatically graded! This is a great alternative for creating learning checks and quick formative assessments.
Fall 2016 NYU Classes Update

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