[Workshop] Basic Network Analysis & Visualization for Scholarship and Teaching

On September 15th, we hosted a workshop on the basics of analyzing and visualizing networks. We discussed some of the ways network analysis can be used to explore humanities questions, and how it can be used in concert with other digital and traditional scholarly methods of inquiry. We covered some introductory network theory and terminology; if you are interested in learning more about these concepts, Scott Weingart’s “Demystifying Networks, Parts I & II” is a great place to start. We introduced two tools – Palladio, a web-based application out of Stanford for data analysis and visualization, and Gephi, an open source platform built specifically for network analysis. The remainder of the workshop focused on using Gephi to create some network visualizations of our own. If you are interested in learning more about network analysis and visualization, please check out the resource guide below, and contact us for more information about training and workshops.

Download (PDF, 185KB)