Month: October 2014

Fall 2014 Workshops

We are pleased to offer the following practical workshops for FAS faculty and graduate students during the Fall 2014 semester. These topics cover proven and emerging strategies & tools for improving teaching and learning. Please click the Register link below to sign up. If you are not an FAS member, please email

Fall 2014 FAS Ed Tech Workshops

Digital Tools and Techniques for Language Instruction (go to workshop materials)
Topics include an overview of technology-enhanced solutions for language teaching, recommendations, your feedback, and more.

Digital Humanities for Undergraduates (go to workshop materials)
This workshop gives faculty an overview of accessible DH tools (ex. scholarly publishing, text analysis, and visualizations) and provides rationales and demos of use cases.  Featuring Professor Sebastian Heath, ISAW & Gallatin.

Active Learning Strategies for Lecture-based courses (go to workshop materials)
This workshop is geared towards those interested in developing active learning opportunities for students in small-to-large lecture-based courses. Featuring Professor Andre Adler, Department of Physics.

Integrating Blended Learning into the Classroom (go to workshop materials)
This introductory workshop provides an overview of how blended learning & flipped course techniques can enhance student learning and engagement.  Featuring Professor Mark Siegal, Department of Biology.

Leveraging Web Publishing for the Classroom (go to workshop materials)
This workshop presents the ins and outs of web publishing, focusing on increasing collaboration and critical thinking among students.