The Analyze Textual Divisions Spreadsheet

A Microsoft Excel  ©  spreadsheet with macros, to facilitate the analysis of intra-textual stylistic variation, © 2009-17 by David L. Hoover

The Analyze Textual Divisions spreadsheet with macros accepts as input  a lightly marked-up text file and analyzes and labels various textual divisions. It was designed to simplify and partially automate the process of dividing a text into parts for analysis. For example, an epistolary novel can be divided into letters, each labeled with writer and addressee, or the speech and narration of a novel can be divided, with the narrative and dialog labeled and with each speaker identified. This spreadsheet is intended to facilitate the analysis of any kind of stylistic variation within a text (or among several texts).

Macro descriptions and detailed instructions: Using the Analyze Textual Divisions Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet and macros presented here may be used and distributed freely by anyone, so long as its use is acknowledged in any published work. I would also appreciate hearing about any modifications or improvements you may make. Use it at your own risk. I have not discovered any problems in using it, but cannot guarantee it will not cause any.

Current Version (2017): AnalyzeTextualDivisions2015.xls

Note: the distribution version contains some data from previous analyses. This is intentional, allowing anyone wanting to try it to run an analysis already prepared.