The English department encourages its majors to study abroad. If you hope to be admitted to the Honors program and intend to study abroad in your Junior year, you should discuss your schedule with your advisor or with the Director of Honors before deciding when and where to study. Students contemplating study abroad must carefully review and shape their plans of study from their Sophomore year onward to ensure that they are prepared for upper-level work, as well as meeting all Departmental and Honors requirements.

Students studying abroad for part or all of their Junior year must meet the same requirements and deadlines required of on-site students (e.g. submitting their application for Honors in the Fall of their Junior year, submitting a Thesis proposal in the Spring of their Junior year). Students studying abroad must take extra care, then, to stay on track if they wish to apply to and participate in the Honors program—carefully planning coursework and submitting relevant materials by the mandated deadlines. The Department will of course make every effort to assist you as well.

Sophomores planning to study abroad in the Spring of their Junior year should plan on taking a Senior Seminar in the Fall of their Junior year. Those abroad for their entire Junior year—not ideal, but not prohibitive for Honors—will take their Senior seminar in their Senior Fall. Students who wish to study abroad for part or all of their Senior year cannot pursue Honors: the required year-long Honors Colloquium is offered only on-site at the New York City NYU campus, and the Honors Program is a communal as well as self-directed intellectual enterprise.

Students who plan to graduate in three, not four, years, will have an accelerated experience and should apply to the Honors Program as follows: in the Fall of your Sophomore year, submit your application and supporting materials by the deadline, just as if you were a Junior; if accepted, you will follow the Honors track as a fully participating student, observing the same deadlines and fulfilling the same course requirements as the Juniors on the standard track. In your third and final year, you will be treated as an Honors Senior—taking the same Honors Thesis courses and writing your thesis in your final year.