Please download and print the application form here.

You should formally apply for admission to the Honors Program in the Fall of your Junior year. Deadline for 2019-20 applications is Thursday, November 1 (deadline may shift in coming years, but it will be in the Fall of your Junior year).

Students turn in a completed application form and a writing sample to Mary Mezzano, the Undergraduate Administrator, in the English Department (in-person or email submissions are acceptable: The writing sample must be an unmarked copy of a paper submitted in an English course. The paper should demonstrate your abilities in close reading and your capacity to work with a critical methodology; the paper must be approximately 8-10 pages.

The minimum grade point average for application to any CAS departmental honors program is 3.65. The average GPA of admitted English majors is generally higher. In addition, you should have completed the four core courses by the end of the first semester of your Junior year. By the end of your Sophomore year, you should have completed three of the core courses and at least one of the distribution requirements. See Schedule for applying to honors.

Admission to the Honors program is competitive. The major factor in admission, beyond your overall GPA, is your performance in your English courses. In considering your application, the Director of Honors reviews your transcript and writing sample and may consult with your instructors.

NOTE: The CAS Presidential Honors Program and the English Honors Program are distinct programs. Admission to the former does not guarantee admission to the latter. Every student wishing to pursue the Honors Program in English must submit a full and complete application to the English Department.