NYU Music Department, FAS
24 Waverly Place, #268
New York, NY 10003

2013- PROFESSOR, NYU – FAS, Department of Music
2004-2013 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, New York University
1998-2004 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, New York University
1997-98 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, U. Minnesota, Minneapolis
1996-97 LECTURER, U. Washington – Seattle, WA
1994-96 RESEARCH ASSOC, Ctr for Advanced Research Technology Arts and Humanities, U. Washington


RECORDINGS [monographs]:

2012 1. Intérieurs harmoniques, electroacoustic, empreintes DIGITALes, IMED-12115
2011 2. Pathological Curves, acoustic, World Edition label, WE-17
2003 3.   Modus Nodus: Chamber Music 2002-03, acoustic, Albany Records, TROY 610.


RECORDINGS [on collections]:

2015-16 4.  Chacun/e, [in production], Pauline Kim Harris
2012  5. red is the rows (2011), on Perspectives of New Music/Open Space “milton babbitt: a composers’ memorial project.”
2012  6.  Through ripple glass (2009), clarinet and live electronics, on through ripple glass, Everglades Records, EVG-1202
2008  7.  Holonyms (2005), on In Four, Innova Records, Innova 700.
2007  8.  metalmorphosis (2003), on Capstone Records, CPS-8796.
2006  9.  Allamuchy (2002), on Electroacoustic Music VII, Neuma 450-105.
2003  10.  Globeland (2002), music/video; w/R.Dorin. Innova, Sonic Circuits X, E119.
2001  11.  Vim (1995), Centaur Records, Inc., CRC-2512.
1998  12.  Alchemy (1996), on Miniatures Concrètes [II], empreintes DIGITALes,Montréal.Commissioned, Diffusion i MéDIA. IMED 9837.
1998  13.  Numbers (1998), for mezzo-sop/computer-realized sounds, on Computer Music Journal CD 22/4,MIT Press.
1995 14. Tesserae (1994), on ORF Prix Ars Electronica ’95 CD, (Austria).



Hoffman, E. 2013       15. “No One Perspective: Retrospective on PNM,” invited article. Perspectives of of New Music journal. Published by Perspectives of New Music: Volume 51/1 (Winter 2013): 161-166. And: “Excerpts from a Conversation with Elizabeth Hoffman” pp. 167-173).

Hoffman, E. 2013       16. “Interview with You Nakai on the Music of Ellen C. Covito,” Perspectives of New Music journal: Volume 51/1
(Winter 2013): 5-20.

Hoffman, E. 2013       17. “On Performing Spatialized Electroacoustic Musics: A Non-idiomatic Case Study for Adorno’s Theory of Musical
Reproduction,” Organized Sound journal,Cambridge U. Press; 18/1: pp. 60-70.

Hoffman, E. 2012       18. “’I’-Tunes: Multiple Subjectivities and Narrative Method in Computer Music,” in Computer Music Journal, MIT Press,
36/4, Winter 2012, pp. 40-58.

Hoffman, E. 2011       19. “Contemporary Electroacoustic Music’s Discourse: Chosen aesthetic languages as socio-cultural interventions”: http://www.ems-network.org/spip.php?rubrique6

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Hoffman, E. 2006       21. Invited essay for “Tracing Change: Gender and Computer Music,” Array journal. Reprinted in online eContact! 8.2,
Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

Hoffman, E. 2005       22. “Textural Klangfarben in James Dillon’s La femme invisible: an Explanatory Model,” Perspectives of New Music
theory journal, 43/1 (Winter 2005), pp. 4-33.

Hoffman, E. 2005       23. Review article, Music Theory Spectrum journal, University of California Press: ” Microsound by Curtis Roads”
Vol. 27, no. 2 (Fall 2005), pp. 328-335.

Hoffman, E. 1998       24. International Computer Music Conference Proceedings, 1998, U. of Michigan.”Animated Scores for Performance of
Electroacoustic ‘Tape’/Live Performer Compositions” San Franciso: International Computer Music Association, 1998.



Hoffman, E. 2001       25. Instrument design examples, in The Csound Book, MIT Press, 2001,(ed.
Richard Boulanger) on compact disc accompanying textbook.

2008                            26.       Metalmorphosis (Baltimore, MD: Smith Publications)

2004                            27.       Geminis (Baltimore, MD: Smith Publications)



2016                            Drake University

2015                            Columbia University Music Department

2015                            Digital Humanities Forum, NYU (November 2015)

2015                            CCNY Non-Credit Course, L. Lehrman, Bible Women in Opera (February 2015)

2014                            Institute for the Performance of Contemporary Music, Mannes (June 2014)

2014                            CREATE Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara (April 2014).

2013                            Institute for Creative Arts and Technology, Virginia Tech. “Sound spatialization as an expressive                                        signifier in fixed media stereo works.”

2012                            Brooklyn College (December 2012).

2012                            “Towards a theory of listener embeddeness in electroacoustic music,” CUNY, Conference.

2012                            “Towards a theory of listener embeddedness in electroacoustic music,” Queen’s U., UK.

2011                            Swarthmore College, PA.

2011                            Manhattan School of Music, NYC.

2010                            University of Oklahoma, Norman, School of Music.

2010                            “La Enseñanza de la Composición,” U. Córdoba, Argentina, Biennale.

2010                            “Ideas of Social Architecture in Xenakis’ Evryali,” Xenakis Symposium, NYU-Polytechnic.

2008                            “Nancian Sharing: Sonic Selves Listening,” AMS/SMT National Conference, Nashville.

2007                            Technische Universität, Berlin.

2007                            University of North Texas – Music Now series.

2008                            “Adorno’s concepts of Mimesis and Logic in the Performance of Fixed Media Musics,” Royal                                                 Northern College of Music, Manchester, England. Formulate with the greatest care: Adorno and                                         Performance Conference.

2008                            “Algorithmic Composition,” IEEE (Inst. of Electrical and Electronics Engineers),Montclair, NJ.

2008                            IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), NYC chapter.

2005                            “Music and Representation,” Liberal Arts at Lunch, New York University.

2002                            “Trends in Contemporary Music,” Swarthmore College, PA.

2001                           “Organized Disorganization in Dillon’s La femme invisible: Artificial Sound Models of Natural                                               Phenomena, or Physical Modeling Without a Computer,” SMT, National Conference, U of P.

2000                            “Masterpiece without a Master,” CAS Scholars Lecture Series, Jurow Hall, NYU.

1998                            “Musical Abstraction in the Wake of Serialism,” NYU, Music Department.

1998                            International Computer Music Conference. University of Michigan “Animated scores for Electro-                                       acoustic/Live Performer(s) Compositions.”

1995                            Institut Universitari de L’audiovisual, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

1994                            “An Analysis of Ligeti’s “Double Concerto,” Northwest Music Theory Conference.



2014                            Institute for the Performance of Contemporary Music, Mannes (June 2014)

2012                            Brooklyn College, Seminar Guest; Symposium Speaker

2012                            La Pietra Forum, Florence, Italy [featured composer]

2011                            John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium, U. New Mexico [featured composer]



2014                            Third Practice Festival, University of Richmond, November 7, 2014.

2014                            CREATE Festival, University of California, Santa Barbara.

2013                            QUBIT, Non-ference Noise Music Festival, New York City, March 2013.

2012                            Ai-maako International Electroacoustic Music Festival, Santiago, Chile.

2012                            University of Southern Alabama, Seventh Annual Electroacoustic Music Festival.

2011                            Third Practice Festival, University of Richmond.

2010                            National U. of Córdoba, Argentina, Electroacoustic Festival.

2009                            Third Practice Festival, Richmond, Virginia, “Through Ripple Glass” [premiere].

2009                            Sacramento State University, Festival of New American Music, Sacramento, CA.

2008                            New Music Miami, Contemporary Music Festival.

2006                            U. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – “Surroundings” Festival – music presentation.

2005                            University of Calgary, Electroacoustic Music Festival.

2005                            University of Iowa, Electroacoustic Music Festival.

2002                            Panel discussant, “Gender and Electroacoustic Music,” University of Richmond.

1998                            SEAMUS Conference, Dartmouth College, Project presentation: Animated Scores.



2015                           ZeitGeist New Music Composer Residency (NYC)

2015                           MacDowell Colony Residency (NYC)

2015                           Harvestworks Residency Award and Grant (NYC)

2012                            Selected (featured) composer on ICMC2012 Conference CD

2011                            Fulbright Research Award Finalist, U.K.

2009                            American Composers Forum, Jerome Foundation Composer Commissioning Award

2009                            MetLife Creative Connections, Meet the Composer grant

2008                            Creative Collaboration Support Grant, NYU, with Marilyn Nonken

2005                            Humanities Council Grant, NYU, ‘Current Free Practices in Music and Poetry’

2005                             Finalist, Minnesota Orchestra Reading Session

2003                             Finalist, Pierre Schaeffer International Computer Music Competition

2002                            Mention, World Music Days 2002, ISCM, Miami chapter.

2000                           Golden Dozen Excellence in Teaching Award, NYU, College of Arts and Science

2005, 2003                 Research Challenge Fund Grant, NYU

2002                            American Composers Forum, Jerome Foundation Composer Commissioning Award

2001                             Research Challenge Emergency Fund Grant, NYU

2000                            Distinguished International Visitors Grant, NYU

1999                            Seattle Arts Commission Artists Award

1999                            International Computer Music Association ICMC, Commission Award

1996                            International Alliance of Women in Music, Search for New Music Award

1995                            Mention; ORF Prix Ars Electronica ’95 International Competition, Austria

1995                            Western European Research Grant, University of Washington

1994                            Bourges Grand Prix Internationaux de Musique Electroacoustique

1994                            Seattle Arts Commission Artists Award [for chamber opera project]

1992                            Olympia Chamber Orchestra, Search for New Music Award



2015                              Harvestworks Creative Residency, with Jane Rigler, NYC, creation of “all the                                                  more my thoughts multiply” presented by CT:SWaM and Harvestworks, 2016.

2014                            Pauline Kim Harris (NYC) new work for Chaconne album, solo violin music.

2014                            Jay Crone (VA) new work for recording to be released in 2016, trombone music.

2014                            Festschrift 2015 for Benjamin Boretz, PNM Journal (WA).

2014                            Loadbang (NYC) new work for NYC presentation, Spring 2015.

2014                            Andy Kozar (NYC) new work for portrait concert, National Opera House, NYC.

2014                            Elizabeth Crone, Diversity Concert, new work for Trio, presented two concerts in VA.

2014                            Third Practice Festival of New Music, Richmond VA, new work for Jane Rigler.

2014                            Nino Jvania (Tbilisi), visiting artist in Residence at NYU, two new works for piano.

2013                            Washington Square Contemporary Music Society commission for April 2014.

2013                            Max Mandel, Eric Huebner [new work for premiere at Roulette, NYC, April 2014].

2013                            Heather Roche (U.K.).

2012-13                       Esther Lamneck/NYU (NYC).

2012-13                       Delaware Arts Council/Marianne Gythfeldt (DE/NYC)

2012-13                       Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO)

2012                            Jane Rigler, flute (CO)

2012                            League of Composers/ISCM (NYC)

2011-12                       Ensemble Mise-En (NYC)

2011                            Perspectives of New Music/Open Space journals, Babbitt memorial project (US)

2009                            Margaret Lancaster, Women’s Work Festival, March 2010 (NYC)

2009                            Glass Farm Ensemble/Stans Music Festival (NYC/SUISSE)

2009                            TimeTable Percussion/Argento, Moving Sounds Festival (NYC)

2008                            Either/Or Ensemble, Merkin Hall concert (NYC)

2007                            Arthur Campbell, recital and CD project (MI)

2006, 2004                  Glass Farm Ensemble (NYC/SUISSE)

2006                            TimeTable Percussion group (NYC)

2006                            Daan Vandewalle pianist (BE)/Táman Trio (US)

2003                            Elizabeth McNutt (TX)

2003                            Anandance Dance Company (NYC)

2003                           Stephen Paysen (NYC)

2003                            Dominic Donato (NYC)

2002                            Taimur Sullivan (NYC)

2002                            New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players(NJ)

2000                            Abbie Conant, (Germany)

1996                            empreintes DIGITALes label (Montréal, CA)

1996, 1993                  The Esoterics a cappella vocal ensemble (Seattle, WA) 

MUSIC PERFORMANCES [Recent Selected, Representative]


2014    Athens, Greece: International Computer Music Conference, Songstressed (9/14).

2013    ‘Time-Axiom”: a [global] telematic concert organized by Sarah Weaver, NYC. [New work.]

2013    QUBIT ‘Non-ference,’ NYC, wisprs, selected for presentation, 3/30/13. [international call for works.]

2012   Santiago, Chile; Ai-maako Electroacoustic Music Festival, Resonants, 8-ch. (9/2012).

2012    Belfast, UK; Sonorities Festival, Resonants, 8-ch. (3/2012).

2010    Córdoba, AR; Biennale; through ripple glass, Marcelo Barragán, cl.+live electonics. (9/2010).

2009    Jakarta, Indonesia. Salihara Festival. Immer Inner, TimeTable Percussion performing (7/17).

2008    Laufenburg, Switzerland, night slices [solo piano] (2/19).

2007    Bourges, France; Synthèse Festival. Thousand Leaved Green (6/10).

2002    Gent, Belgium, Logos Foundation, Tesserae (8/6).

2002, 2001      Elderberry Goddess (2000), trombone/electroacoustic – Abbie Conant, trombone:

-Vienna, Kosmos Frauenraum, (10/6/01) .

-Münster, Münster Gessellschaft für Neue Musik, (11/29/01).

2001    Birmingham, England, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Simon Hall, Elderberry Goddess (12/7).


National [Recent Selected, Representative]

2015  SEAMUS, VT – ways to leave your hexachord – 124 ch

2015   WEALR, CSUFullerton

2014    NYC, National Opera Center, Andy Kozar portrait recital, Deviations from a theme by Brahms (12/14).

2014    Richmond, VA; Modlin Center for the Arts, Jane Rigler, frôTH (11/14).

2013    Dartmouth College, Arthur Campbell (clarinet) recital, through ripple glass.

2013    New York University, Interactive Arts Series, 3/4/13, new work, wiederfinden, with E. Lamneck.

2012    Texas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Nebraska [group tours]; Line Upon Line percussion group,

Immer inner, [perc trio]. Also: PASIC percussion arts conference, Nashville.

2009    Grand Rapids, MI. Through Ripple Glass [commission] Arthur Campbell performing (10/20).

2009    Maryland locations, MidAtlantic Symphony Orchestra, barrissement d’éléphant.

2007    Kresge Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, MA, In red weather (4/22).

2007    Williamstown, MA, Williams College, In red weather [perc. trio] (9/10).

2007    Chicago, IL. Claire Chase, flute. folly for (9/15).

2007    Richmond, VA, University of Richmond. Lisa Cella, flute. folly for (10/20).

2007    Boston Conservatory, Boston, Time Table Percussion, In red weather (4/21).

2006    Arizona State University, Tamán trio, thrum (9/1).

2006    Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin MISE for 8-channel sound (11/16).

2006    Towson University, MD, New Music Ensemble barrissement d’elephant (4/12).

2006    University of South Florida, Alan Brooks, metalmorphosis (4/15).

2003    Paterson, NJ, William Paterson College, Geminis (10/13).

2002    Arkansas State University, Fine Arts Recital Hall, Department Recital Series, Homage to van Gogh (4/29).

2002    Richmond, University of Richmond, VA, Modlin Center for the Arts, Globeland (11/1).

2002    Minneapolis, MN, Bryant Bowl, “Sounds Unseen” Festival, Globeland (9/24).

2002    Temple University, PA, “Cybersounds” Festival, (4/23). Sibilance (2000) electroacoustic.


Local [Selected/Representative]

2015    MANNES – assemblage [4/28]

2015    SKIRBALL – katharsis, FLUX [2/27]

2014    Tenri, NYC, Washington Square Contemporary Music Players, Silky [quartet+ electroacoustic], (5/14).

2012    The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, “Walls and Bridges Transatlantic Festival,” wisprs [SQ+ electroacoustic].

2012    Spectrum, NYC, The Hudson Trio, soundSerrations, for piano, cello, and violin, premiere.

2012    Skirball Performing Arts Center, NYC, League ISCM Concert [commission] (5/10/12).

Paradigms Lost, for orchestra, bs clarinet, Uillean pipes, and live electronics,

2011    Merkin Concert Hall, Talea Ensemble performing, Assemblage [trio+live elec.] [commission], (3/24/11).

2010    Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, Lunar Movements Series, Argento New Music Group, Lochan (12/11).

2009    Le Poisson Rouge. Vissera, Moving Sounds Festival [commission] (9/14).

2009    The Tank, AMP presents SURROUND SOUNDS Part I: Venus. (5/8).

2009    The Players Theater, MacDougal Street. Immer Inner. (4/09).

2009    Merkin Hall, Either/Or Ensemble, Pathological Curves (3/26).

2009    CUNY Graduate Center, NYC Electronic Music Festival, Langanaich (4/3).

2008    Bloomingdale School of Music, TimeTable Percussion, In red weathe (10/12).

2007    Baryshnikov Arts Centre, GlassFarm Ensemble, earthly objects (10/28).

2007    Tenri Cultural Institute, GlassFarm Ensemble, earthly objects, night slices (3/17).

2007    St. Matthews Church, TimeTable Percussion, In red weather (2/16).

2007    Bloomingdale School of Music, In red weather (2/9).

2006    MonkeyTown, Brooklyn, Claire Chase, and Eric Lamb, folly for. (10/24).

2006    Tenri Cultural Institute, NYC., Daan Vandewalle, night slices (3/24).

2006    Symphony Space, Portrait concert: Steven Schick, International Contemporary Ensemble,

agajaggers, for chamber orchestra, three pieces for six percussion (4/8).

2005    Tenri Cultural Institute, GlassFarm Ensemble, holonyms (5/7).

2003    SUNY Purchase, Doubleplay Ensemble, Geminis (9/15).

2003    Queens College, Geminis (10/8).

2003    Thalia Theater, Geminis (10/21).

2003    Look and Listen Festival, Chelsea Art Gallery, Globeland (4/3).

2002    NYU Silver Center, Department of Music FAS EAM Concert, Homage to van Gogh (4/02).

2002    Merkin Hall, barrissement d’éléphant (10/15).

2001    Merkin Hall, Daan Vandewalle, Onder Andere (O.A.) (12/11).

2001    Newark, NJ, NJPAC – NJSO Chamber Players, Taproot (3/18).


JURIED MUSIC PRESENTATIONS [Electroacoustic and Computer Music] [Selected, Representative]


2012    International Computer Music Conference. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Soundendipities (9/14).

2010    NYCEMF Festival, CUNY Grad Center, Elebash Hall.

Composition through ripple glass (2000) selected for presentation.

2008    International Computer Music Conference. Sonic Arts Research

Center, Belfast, N. Ireland. Langanaich, premiere. For Uillean pipes and laptop (8/28).

2008    Sonorities Festival, peer reviewed. Sonic Arts Research Center, Belfast, N. Ireland (4/21).

2005    International Percussive Arts Society Conference, Columbus, OHI

Composition Geminis selected for presentation (11/3).

2005    Fourteenth Annual Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Florida,

Gainesville, Florida. Composition Color Motions selected for presentation (4/4).



2003    Twelfth Annual International Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Florida,

Homage to Van Gogh, Gainesville, (4/5).

2002    Eleventh Annual International Electroacoustic Music Festival, University of Florida,

Vim, Gainesville, (3/21).

1998    International Computer Music Conference. University of Michigan SOM. Vim (9/98).



2010    Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, St. Cloud, MN.

Composition through ripple glass (2009) selected for presentation.

2009    Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, Ft Wayne, IN

Composition langanaich (2008) selected for presentation (4/13).

2008   Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, SLC, Utah

Composition Venus (2008) selected for presentation (4/4).

2007    Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, Ames, IA

Composition folly for (2006) selected for presentation (3/9).

2006    Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, Eugene, OR

Composition the twelfth chapter (2006) selected for presentation (3/31).

2005    Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, Conference, Muncie, IN

Composition filiforms (2004) selected for presentation (4/16).




NAME           DISSERTATION TITLE                          CURRENT POSITIONS

1- Yoon-Ji Lee             For an “I” Larger than Myself: Intercultural Music

Making Based on a Case Study of Elliott Sharp’s THEN GO   Defense May 2015.

PhD Recipient Fall 2015.

PhD September 2015.

2- Ryan Carter,         Helmut Lachenmann’s Gran Torso and the        

  PhD 2014       Analysis of Musique Concrète Instrumentale     Hamilton College.

DDF Recipient 2013.

3- Adam Mirza,

PhD 2014      Action Aesthetics: Musical Modernism and the       PhC [ABD]                                                     Problem of Performance                                                                   DDF Recipient 2014.                       

4- Stephanie Huguenin Gallatin Degree Program

MA 2014

5- Matthew Quayle,   Musical Representations of Power                           U. Mass, 2008, and

PhD 2009       in Three Orchestrations of Boris Gudonov                NYU CAS Abu Dhabi 2009-present.

6- Paula Matthusen,             Decentralized Performance in Metacreative

PhD 2007               Musical Systems: Definitional Aspects                                                  Wesleyan University.                                                                                    and Performative Qualities of Musical Agents

7 – Bernd Göttinger     RethinkingAudio Distortion: Towards a Theory

PhD 2007        of Sonic Signatures                                                     SUNY Fredonia.



8 – Christopher Ariza An Open Design for Computer-Aided                     MIT [09-012];

PhD 2005        Algorithmic Music Composition: athenaCL             Towson U., 2007-08.

Private industry 2012-present

9 – Ryan Dorin                        The Repetitive Sequence: Information                       Adelphi U., and NYU, CAS

PhD 2005        Loops in the Construction of Western Music                        [2005-2011].

10 – Juliana Trivers     Directed Motion in Stravinsky’s “Mass”

PhD 2004                                                                                            Independent composer

11 – Sean Carson        ‘Trace’ Analysis: Applications to Musical

PhD 2003                   Contour and Voice Leading                           Berkeley CA, museum curator






DISSERTATION COMMITTEE SERVICE (PhD students), Reader on Committees

2010-2014       Peter McCulloch,  Steinhardt School, PhD, Music Theory and Performance; reader. PhD 2014.

2013-2014       Jennifer Wilhelms, Steinhardt School, PhD, Music Theory and Performance; reader. PhD 2014.

2010 – present                        Maria Stankova

Felipe Lara                                         Completed PhD 2014.

Akiva Zamcheck

Yoni Niv

Ivan Goff

2008 – 2010                Rachel Mundy                                    PhD 2011.       U. of Pittsburgh, ten.-track

Alexander Ness

Louis Conti                                         PhD 2009.

2008 – 09                    Jenny O. Johnson                               PhD 2009.       Wellesley College, ten.-track

2004 – 07                     Sanna Iiti                                            PhD 2006.



2012                Rebecca Lientjes, Panel Award Winner, 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference

[secondary advisor on the paper preparation]: Origins of Music Minimalism

2011                Paul DiVincenzo, Thesis: Musical Composition

2007-08           Ethan Bassford, Panel Award Winner, 2008 Undergraduate Research Conference

Topic: Non-parametric musical thinking, and its relationship with standard notation.

2007-08           Oki Ishikawa, Thesis: Japanese Music’s Art of Application: Hybridization

Considered as a National Trait

2005-06           Alexander Starr, Panel Award Winner, 2006 Undergraduate Research Conference

Topic: Heidegger’s Theories of Technology

2004-05           Soonali Maniar, Thesis: Extracting theoretical elements from traditional Indian musical forms

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE [Selected, representative]



2014                Women and Music journal, External reader

2013                Invited Board Member, Art and Design Review, //www.scirp.org/journal/adr

2012                Organized Sound Journal, External reader

2010                Women and Music journal, External reader

2008                University of California Press, Pierre Schaeffer’s À la Recherche (1952) in translation from French

2006                Music Analysis Journal, External reader



2014                Stanford University; Northwestern University; Texas Tech University

2012                Columbia University

2011                University of Oklahoma

2009                University of Wisconsin;

2009                Portland State University

2008                Boston University School of Music

2007                University of Michigan

2006                Dartmouth College

2005                University of Richmond


2015                International Computer Music Conference

2014                SEAMUS National Conference; International Computer Music Conference

2014, 2015      Adjudicator, Composers Today State Contest, California, Spring 2014 and 2015.

2013                SEAMUS National Conference

2013                NYCElectronic Music Festival2013

2012                JTTP Electroacoustic Music Competition, Montreal, Canada

2012                Destellos International Electroacoustic Foundation, Competition Adjudicator

2012                International Computer Music Association Paper Reviewer

2011                Electroacoustic Music Studies-Network, Papers Reviewer/Organizer

2009                Papers reviewer, ICMC 2009, McGill University

2009                JTTP Electroacoustic Music Competition, Canada

2008                SEAMUS National Conference

2008                NYC EMFestival, CUNY

2006, 2007      JTTP Electroacoustic Music Competition, Canada

2006                Iowa Pelzer Prize Adjudicator, Iowa

2006                ASCAP/SEAMUS Adjudicator, Student Commissions

2005                Seamus Conference, University of Oregon

2005                Feminist Music Theory Conference 8, Program Committee, CUNY/NYU

2004                SEAMUS National Conference

2003                External Adjudicator, Internal Awards, CUNY Graduate School

2001                SEAMUS, National Conference, University of Iowa

1998-2000       Concert review writer, Array, International Computer Music Association



2013-14                       Dean’s Committee on Technology and the Humanities

2012-13                       Steering Committee, NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival; collaboration with CUNY

2002-present               Associate Editor, Perspectives of New Music journal

2007, 2003                  External reader, PhD dissertation defenses, SUNY Stony Brook, Music Department

2005-2010                   Elected Board member, Secretary, SEAMUS national organization



New York University:

2016 –                            P & T, elected committee member

2015  – present             Global Coordinator for Music Department

2015                            Panel participant, UG CAS Research Conference

2014                            Abu Dhabi Music Search Committee

2009-2012                   Director of Graduate Studies

2008-09                       Acting Director of Graduate Studies

2008, 2009, 2010        NYU Fulbright Committee interviewer

2007                            Dissertation Reader, Steinhardt PhD committees


2005-06                       Organizer, Humanities Council funded symposium, “Free Practices in Music and Poetry”

2005, 2001-02             Undergraduate Mentor

2002-2005                  Director of Undergraduate Studies


Department of Music:

2014                            Admissions Committee Chair;

Organizer Washington Sq CMS Concert at Skirball

2013                            Summer Awards Fellowship Committee, Admissions Committee, Search committee

2011 – 12                    PhD Qualifying Exam Committee;

Chair, Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship Committee;

Summer Fellowship Committee

2010 – 11                    Admissions Committee; Graduate Student Concert Organizer

2008 – 09                    Tenure review committee member

2008 – 09                    Chair, Admissions Committee

2007 – 08                    Organizer and supervisor, First Undergraduate Concert

2006 – 07                    Coordinator, Composition/Theory Area Studies

2006 – 07                    Search Committee member

2006 – 07                    Executive Committee member

2006 – 07                    Admissions Committee member

2004 – 05                     Committee member, Department Promotion and Tenure committee

2004 – 05                     Search Committee member

2003 – 07                    Organizer, Annual Department Computer Music Concerts

2003                            Speaker, OISS Foreign Student Orientation [summer]

2002 – 03                     Search Committee member

2002 – 05                     Executive Committee Member

2000 – 02                     Coordinator, Colloquium Series

2002                            Chair, Graduate Qualifying Exam committee

1999, 2000, 2001        Graduate Exam committee member

1999 – 2000                 Curriculum Committee member

1998 – present            Founder and Director, Washington Square Computer Music Studio



Fall 2014        G71.2198        Special Topics: The Music and Philosophy of Luigi Nono

Fall 2010         GA 2162         Seminar in Composition (seminar component)

Spring 2007    G71.2163        Analysis of 20th-c Music: Polyrhythm

Fall 2004         G71.2198        Special Topics: Xenakis

Spring 2002    G71.2199        Special Topics: Microtonal Twentieth-c. Music

Spring 2001    G71.2134        Studies in Music Theory: Comparative Approaches in Theory and Practice

Spring 1999   G71.2163        Analysis of 20th-c Music: Music of Elliott Carter

1999-2010       G71.2165        Computer Music Composition



Fall 2016                                   ]The Art of Listening

Spring 2015                        FRESH SEM Sonic Art: Sound, Everyday Life, and Aesthetics           

Spring 2015   UA209                        Principles of Musical Analysis: Sonification

Fall 2014        UA209                        Principles of Musical Analysis: Timbre Studies

Spring 2014                           Undergraduate Composition (with an Emphasis on Non-notated musics)

Fall 2013                                 Revisiting Musical Modernism

Summer 2011                         Music in NYC [Existing course, adapted]


Fall 2009         V55.0730        MAP: Expressive Cultures: SOUND [Existing course, adapted]

Spring 2009    V71.0901        Honors Seminar: Historical Performance Practice

Spring 2008    V71.0901        Honors Seminar: Spectral Music

Fall 2006         V71.0307        Electroacoustic Music: History, Theory, and Practice



2015    International Electroacoustic Music Event [concert and lectures], Skirball PAC (NYU).


2013    International Electroacoustic Music Event [concert and lectures], Skirball PAC (NYU).


2011    String Noise: A Concert of Two Violin Music. Curated, organized, and supervised

this event which featured Department of Music 5 graduate composers (NYC).


2011    International Electroacoustic Music Studies Network, June 2011, NYC (NYU).

(This is a musicology oriented organization based in the UK/France.)

2009    Electroacoustic/Video Concert at the Italian Academy, Columbia University.

Organized the concert and student exchange with Luigi Ceccarelli, visiting composer, from Rome.


2008    Feminist Theory and Music, Organizing Committee Member (adjudication and

event planning), New York University and CUNY.


2006    Current Free Practices in Music and Poetry: the Language Poets and Avant-garde Experimental Music

                        1970 – present. Speakers: George Lewis, Alvin Curran, Barrett Watten, Lytle Shaw,

Mark Applebaum, and Miya Masaoka. NYU Humanties GRANT. This was a complex

day-long event that drew together significant Language poets from across the U.S.

and experimental sound artists from the W. coast and NYC. The event was met with

a packed room that included a significant crowd from the local NYC community.



2002    Lectures by visiting English composer James Dillon. Applied for and received an NYU

Distinguished International Visitor GRANT.


  1. Doctor of Musical Arts. University of Washington (Seattle); Advisor: Diane Thome.
  2. Three-month Residency. Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel (Basel, Switzerland). .
  3. Master of Music. Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY). Study with Bülent Arel.
  4. Bachelor of Musical Arts. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA). Study with G. Levinson.

“Concepts of Value in Art and their Reflection in Contemporary Music,” UMI, 1996.



International Computer Music Association, Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States,

Society for Music Theory, BMI, American Composers Forum



Csound, MAX/MSP, Supercollider, JavaScript.



French and German.



[A compilation of those listed below are available at this link:



2013 Reviews of IMED-12115 compact disc release.

  1. By Enrico Bettinello in Blow Up #177 (Italy), February 1, 2013: www.musikansich.de/review.php?id=12047
  2. By Wolfgang Kabsch in Musik an sich (Germany), September 1, 2012
  3. By Pierre Durr in Revue & Corrigée #93 (France), September 1, 2012
  4. In Bad Alchemy (Germany), August 1, 2012
  5. By GP in Gonzo Circus #112 (Belgium), November 1, 2012
  6. By Klaus Boss in Hifly (Denmark), October 17, 2012
  7. By Vito Camarretta in Chain DLK (USA), October 7, 2012
  8. By multipara in De:Bug #166 (Germany), October 1, 2012
  9. By Éric Serva in France Musique (France), September 28, 2012
  10. In RNE3: Atmósfera (Spain), September 9, 2012




Available on request.

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