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G71.2134 Composers Seminar [yearly]
G71.2165 Computer Music Composition [1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010  ]
Luigi Nono: his Music, philosophy, and Politics [Fall 2014]
G71.2163 Analysis of 20th-Century Music: POLYRHYTHM [Spring 2011]
G71.2163 Elliott Carter: the Music since 1949 [SPRING 2007]
G71.2134 Comparative Approaches to Music Analysis [SPRING 2000]
G71.2163 Studies in 20th Century Microtonal Music [SPRING 2001]
G71.2198 Special Topics: Xenakis [SPRING 2003]


Women Composers: Creating Music in a Gendered World, co-taught and developed with Suzanne Cusick Spring 2016
Freshman Seminar in Sonic Art: Sound, Everyday Life, and Aesthetics Spring 2015
Principles of Sonification Spring 2015
Morse Academic Plan: Expressive Cultures: SOUND FALL 2009
Senior Honors Seminar – ‘The Pastness of the Present’ Issues of tuning; and notions of interpretation, replication, and history amidst a consideration of historical performance practice, in theory and practice, through the present SPRING 2009
Honors Seminar – Spectral music: a chord or an attitude? In-depth musical analysis and listening of music by representatives of this influential musical movement, including Murail, Dufourt, Levinas, and Grisey. Careful consideration of the historical and cultural relationship of the Spectral movement with late 1960s French political thought. SPRING 2008
Electroacoustic Music: History, Theory, and Practice FALL 2006
Musical Complexity; Theoretical Perplexity FALL 2007
Harmony and Counterpoint I, II, III, IV Routinely, 1999 – 2006


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