Typical Projects an Instructional Designer Works on

With their unique range of skills, instructional designers often wear multiple hats in a workplace. Here are some projects a typical instructional designer may be involved in:

eLearning Production

An instructional designer may work on custom learning products that promote deep learner engagement and ensure high knowledge transfer.

Instructor-led Training

Creating classroom trainings, workshops, train-the-trainer programs. May also require facilitation.

Mobile Learning

Developing mLearning solutions that offer flexibility in the choice of platforms and devices to access instructional content anytime, anywhere.

Blended Programs

Utilizing smart combination of learning approaches as the key to boosting staff efficiency and availability while cutting costs.

Training on Complex Subjects

Partnering with subject matter experts from various industries to produce advanced modules on any subject.

Advanced simulations

By combining the entertainment/game elements with instructional elements, an instructional designer produces engaging learning simulations.


Designing webinars that grab the audience by the eyeballs and keep them glued to the presentation.


Source: Services Offered by eLearning Company