Ideas for Interactive eLearning Elements

When it comes to making learners pay attention, nothing works better than adding interactive elements to your course. Here are some ideas of the interactive elements you can use:

Interactive videos

Have the learners select the outcomes and paths in a series of interactive videos.


By adding gamification elements, you can ensure that your training is attention-grabbing and memorable.


Timelines are great when it comes to explaining processes, histories, and developments.

Interactive maps

Interactive maps enable learners to take their time to explore the topics at their own pace and in the order they prefer.

Quizzes and knowledge checks

If you place quizzes and knowledge checks throughout your training, they will serve and checkpoints ensuring that the learner is paying attention.

Other interactive multimedia

Be creative and come up with new ways to present content. Build your own learning interactions to make your eLearning course as memorable as possible.


Source: Custom eLearning Offerings by eLearning Company