How to get a price quote for your eLearning project

Pricing your eLearning project is a fairly straightforward process. But you must have an idea of what you are looking for before you begin the cost estimation process. Below are some questions you need to be prepared to answer (and some answers suggestions).

What will the final product look like?

  • Mostly text, some images, standard text-based knowledge checks
  • A combination of graphics and text, more visual cues, interactive elements
  • Rich graphics, custom scenarios and learning games, some videos
  • Complex scenarios, advanced simulations, multimedia-rich slides

Will the project need voice-over?

  • No voice-over
  • Narrated by one voice artist
  • Multiple voice artists

What does the training content look like?

  • No content currently exists, the material for the project needs to be researched and written
  • The knowledge base is ready, but not structured for eLearning production
  • The content is written, storyboarded, ready for eLearning development

What is the target seat time?

  • Up to 30 minutes
  • Over 30 minutes and up to 2 hours
  • Longer than 2 hours

The more definitively you are able to answer these questions, the more accurate the price quote you receive will be.

Source: Price Quote Page by eLearning Company