Different Types of eLearning Solutions

There are many benefits of using eLearning Solutions. Here are some of them:


Product knowledge computer-based solutions allow the entire team to have access to the data about product features and benefits from anywhere: the sales floor, back office, home computer, library, etc. Instead of having to wait until the training day, the entire team is now suddenly empowered to access the content (and the knowledge it brings) immediately and from anywhere.


There are many benefits the staff will gains from receiving software training: staying current with software updates and best practices, cutting learning time and easing the learning curve, practicing with pre-built examples and scenarios created specifically to make the content relevant, spending dedicated time focused on the technique, learning real-world situations they haven’t previously encountered, increasing productivity at work by applying the learned principles.


A significant benefit of moving to the compliance eLearning solution is the ability to practice real world challenges and situations. With traditional classroom-based workshops, employees would have to deal with a steep learning curve on-the-job, where they would make mistakes and learn from them. Unfortunately, their mistakes can often lead to compliance violations, workplace accidents, fines, customer complaints, and rising operational costs.


A major benefit that comes with skill-based eLearning solutions is the ability to learn at one’s own pace. With online skills and behavior learning solutions, the employees can continue to develop themselves at the pace they feel comfortable with, going as fast or as slow as they need. This is especially ideal for busy high level employees looking to improve their skills, but not always having the time to do so.

Source: eLearning Solutions for Business | Product, Software, Compliance, Skills, Behaviors Training.