4 Types of eLearning Solutions to Boost Your Business

Modern businesses often rely on eLearning to train to staff and customers, but not every eLearning program is the same. While there are multiple distinct types of eLearning, we will discuss the following four types: product knowledge training, software training, compliance training, skills and behavior training. Read full article on the eLearning Blog.

Tips for Selecting a Reliable eLearning Company

With so many eLearning vendors on the market, selecting the partner that’s right for your business can be hard and at times confusing. This article will explore some ideas you should take into account when selecting an eLearning provider. It will discuss the first impression you receive after the initial contact with the vendor, the…

eLearning Statistics Companies Need to Know

eLearning has become a standard in today’s business. With the help of eLearning, companies increase revenues, minimize downtime, provide accommodations, and engage their workforce. So exactly how big is eLearning? Read the rest of this article on eLearning Company Blog.

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Typical Projects an Instructional Designer Works on

With their unique range of skills, instructional designers often wear multiple hats in a workplace. Here are some projects a typical instructional designer may be involved in: eLearning Production An instructional designer may work on custom learning products that promote deep learner engagement and ensure high knowledge transfer. Instructor-led Training Creating classroom trainings, workshops, train-the-trainer programs….

Ideas for Interactive eLearning Elements

When it comes to making learners pay attention, nothing works better than adding interactive elements to your course. Here are some ideas of the interactive elements you can use: Interactive videos Have the learners select the outcomes and paths in a series of interactive videos. Games By adding gamification elements, you can ensure that your…

How to get a price quote for your eLearning project

Pricing your eLearning project is a fairly straightforward process. But you must have an idea of what you are looking for before you begin the cost estimation process. Below are some questions you need to be prepared to answer (and some answers suggestions). What will the final product look like? Mostly text, some images, standard…

Memorization works better when you take a quiz

Recent studies have shown that retrieval (a process of accessing certain information in your brain) is critical for robust, durable, long-term learning. Every time a memory is retrieved, that memory becomes better available for access in the future. Not surprisingly, practicing memory retrieval produces more knowledge retention than other effective techniques. From these findings, we…

Different Types of eLearning Solutions

There are many benefits of using eLearning Solutions. Here are some of them: PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE TRAINING Product knowledge computer-based solutions allow the entire team to have access to the data about product features and benefits from anywhere: the sales floor, back office, home computer, library, etc. Instead of having to wait until the training day, the entire…