Other Writing

Lulled into Complacency by Nice Weather

In this New York Times op-edMegan Mullin and I discuss our research published in Nature showing that U.S. weather has become more pleasant in the era of global warming — and by the time it becomes worse, it may be too late. 2016.

Local Weather and Climate Concern

Megan Mullin and I discuss recent findings on how local temperature variation affects global warming attitudes in an invited contribution to Nature Climate Change. 2014.

The Declining Culture of Guns and Violence in the United States

You’d never know it from media reports, but rates of gun ownership–and gun violence–are at the lowest levels they’ve been in generations. My post at The Monkey Cage. 2012.

Discrepancies Between Polls and Election Results

Findings from a Decade of Polling on Ballot Measures Regarding the Legal Status of Same-Sex Couples. 2010.

Reducing LGBT Inequality in the Age of Obama

Identifying policy goals within reach for the LGBT movement. In Pathways Magazine (published by the Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality). 2010.

Term Limits for Municipal Elected Officials

A report I was commissioned to write for the New York City Charter Revision Commission. 2010.

California’s Proposition 8

Understanding the vote on the same-sex marriage ban passed by California’s voters in 2008. Co-authored with Kenneth Sherrill. 2009.

The Hard Sell

The politics of Obama’s Afghanistan troop surge. Co-authored with Josh Tucker in The New Republic, 2009.

Court Decisions and Trends in Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Extrapolating from public opinion trends, Nathaniel Persily and I predicted in 2009 that a majority of Americans would support the right to same-sex marriage by 2014. We were too pessimistic. In The Polling Report.

Bloomberg’s Limited Win

Good government advocates portrayed the extension of term limits for New York City elected officials in 2008 as a “power grab” by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In this New York Times op-ed, I argue that the change actually boosted the institutional power of City Council to act as a democratic check on executive power.

A First-Ever Political Survey of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals with a Probability-Based Sample

Findings from the Hunter College Poll of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals: New discoveries about identity, political attitudes, and civic engagement. With Murray S. Edelman and Kenneth Sherrill. 2008.

Neither an In-Law Nor Outlaw Be

Over-time trends in Americans’ attitudes toward gay people. With Kenneth Sherrill. (Public Opinion Pros, February 2005.)