Slide from "Figuring Out Fair Use" by April Hathcock

Slide from “Figuring Out Fair Use” by April Hathcock

February 23-26 was Fair Use Week, an annual celebration sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries to highlight the power of fair use for facilitating scholarship and research using copyrighted materials. At NYU, we held two workshops on “Figuring Out Fair Use,” led by Scholarly Communications Librarian, April Hathcock.

The purpose of the sessions was to provide an overview of fair use and the many ways it can be employed for research at NYU, particularly in the realm of digital scholarship. Focus was centered on the reuse of internet images and video, an increasingly common area of fair use in digital research.

For those who missed the workshops last month, there will be another on March 23 at 3pm, so be sure to register.

And as always, for any copyright or fair use questions or concerns, consult the Copyright Research Guide, email the Fair Use Listserv, or contact us to schedule a consultation.