Welcome back!

As the new calendar year starts it’s nice to look back and see what kept us busy over the previous 12 months. This review is particularly meaningful to us in Digital Scholarship Services since we only got our start a little more than a year ago.

So let’s see what DSS did last year. Here’s a word cloud made with Wordle (a simple text analysis and visualization tool) from the descriptions of all our service interactions for 2014:


The more frequently a word was used in our descriptions the larger it is displayed in the word cloud. (The colors are randomly generated and are pretty but meaningless). As you can see, we talked with scholars quite a bit about their projects, collections, data and visualization, and websites using WordPress and Omeka. We frequently referred people to our Faculty Digital Archive (FDA) to store and share their papers and other data. We helped you understand copyright and fair use;  showed you how to create, manipulate, and store your media (including scanning, images, and video); and pointed you toward GIS and mapping support from NYU Data Services.

In the coming months we will be sponsoring a series of workshops for graduate students  as well as several public events on Digital Humanities methods and tools, and investigating the use of Omeka in a small pilot project. We will continue to offer consultation and to support projects in all the ways described here.

To learn more about how NYU Digital Scholarship Services can help you, check out the services we offer, read about a few of the projects that we have supported, or contact us for an appointment.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year.