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Macro Time Series (Updated December 2009)

Series Source
GDP at market prices (current $US) GDF and WDI
GDP at market prices (current LCU) Ibid.
GDP, PPP (current international $) Ibid.
Real GDP per capita in constant prices Penn 6.1
GDP growth (annual 2%) GDF and WDI
GDP per capita growth Ibid.
Population, total Ibid.
Popululation growth (annual %) Ibid.
Urban population (% of total population) Ibid.
Terms of trade adjustment (Constant LCU) Ibid.
Total trade (imports + exports) (% of GDP) Ibid.
Exports of goods and services (BoP, current $US) Ibid.
Exports of goods and services (% of GDP) Ibid.
Imports of goods and services (BoP), current $US) Ibid.
Imports of goods and services (% of GDP) Ibid.
External debt (current $US) Ibid.
Official exchange rate (LCU per $US, period average) Levine and Renelt; World’s Currency Yearbook (for 1985, 1990-1983);  Adrian Wood, Global Trends in Real Exchange Rates: 1960-84, WB
Black Market Premium (%); 0 means zero) GDF and WDI
Inflation, consumer prices (annual %) Ibid.
Real interest rate (%) Ibid.
Money and quasi money (M2) as % of GDP Ibid.
Gross fixed capital formation (% of GDP), formerly Gross domestic fixed investment Ibid.
Central Government Debt (% of GDP) Ibid.
Foreign Direct Investment Ibid.
Percent Value of Debt (% of GNI) Ibid.
Gross domestic savings (% of GDP) Ibid.
Aid (% of GNI) Ibid.
Public investment (% of GDP) Pfeffermann, Kisunko, Sumlinski, “Trends in Private Investment in Developing Countries: Statistics for 1970-97”. Missing data filled in from Easterly, Rodriguez, and Schmidt-Hebbel, “Public Sector Deficits and Macroeconomic Performance”, 1994, and Bruno and Easterly JME 1998.
Private Investment (% of GDP) Pfeffermann, Kisunko, Sumlinski, “Trends in Private Investment in Developing Countries: Statistics for 1970-97”.
Real Overvaluation Dollar 1992 “Outward oriented development economies really do grow more rapidly: evidence from 95 LDCs, 1976-1985” (for overvaluation index); GDF and WDI (for real effective exchange rate index calculation)

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Micro Time Series

Series                                                                                  Source
Capital per worker Summers and Heston; Data available from 1950-1992
Capital per worker (using disagg. Inv.) Easterly and Levine (1999)
Capital per worker (using agg. Inv.) Ibid.
Capital stock (using disagg. Inv.) Ibid.
Workers Ibid.
Output per worker Ibid.

Social Indicators (Updated December 2009)

Series     Source
School enrollment, primary (% gross) GDF and WDI
School enrollment, secondary (% gross) Ibid.
School enrollment, tertiary (% gross) Ibid.
Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births) Ibid.
Mortality rate, under 5 years (per 1,000 live births) Ibid.
Life expectancy at birth, total (years) Ibid.
Telephone mainlines (per 1,000 people) Ibid.
Telephone mainlines per employee Ibid.
Mobiles per 100 people – added December 2009 Ibid.
Fixed and mobile per employee – added December 2009 Ibid.
Mobile network coverage (%) – added December 2009 Ibid.

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Fixed Factors

Transition Economies (by region) The World Bank
East Asia and the Pacific Ibid.
East Europe and Central Asia Ibid.
Middle East and North Africa Ibid.
South Asia Ibid.
Western Europe Ibid.
North America Ibid.
Sub Saharan Africa Ibid.
Latin America and the Carribean Ibid.
Landlock Ibid.
Ethnic Fractionalization Ibid.
Longitude CIA World Fact Book
Latitude Ibid.
Area Ibid.
Income level Ibid.
Low-income countries Ibid.
Lower-middle income countries Ibid.
Upper-middle income countries Ibid.
High-income OECD countries Ibid.
High-income non-OECD countries Ibid.
Developing Countries Ibid.
Legal origin: British Ibid.
Legal Origin: French Ibid.
Legal Origin: Socialist Ibid.
Legal Origin: German Ibid.
Legal Origin: Scandinavian Ibid.
Exporters of manufactures World Development Report
Exporters of nonfueld primary products Ibid.
Exporters of fuels (mainly oil) Ibid.
Exporters of services Ibid.
Diversified exporters Ibid.
Not classified by export category Ibid.

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Government Finance

Series   Source
Overall decific/surplus IMF, GDF
Total revenue and grants Ibid.
Taxes on income, profits and capital gains Ibid.
Social Security contributions Ibid.
Taxes on payroll or work force Ibid.
Taxes on property Ibid.
Domestic taxes on goods and services Ibid.
Taxes on international trade and transactions Ibid.
Other taxes Ibid.
Total Revenue Ibid.
Tax Revenue Ibid.
Nontax Revenue Ibid.
Capital Revenue Ibid.
Current Revenue Ibid.
Grants Ibid.
Total Expenditure Ibid.
General Public Services Ibid.
Public Order and Safety Ibid.
Defense Ibid.
Education Ibid.
Health Ibid.
Social Security and Welfare Ibid.
Housing and community amenities Ibid.
Recreational, cultural and religious affairs Ibid.
Economic Affairs and Services Ibid.
Agri, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting Ibid.
Mining and Mineral Resources, Manufacturing and Construction Ibid.
Fuel and energy Ibid.
Transportation and Communication Ibid.
Other economic affairs and services Ibid.
Other expenditures Ibid.
Current expenditure on goods and services Ibid.
Wages and Salaries; Employer contributions Ibid.
Other purchases of goods and services Ibid.
Employer Contributions Ibid.
Interest payments Ibid.
Subsidies Ibid.
Transfers to other levels of national government Ibid.
Transfers abroad Ibid.
Transfers to nonprofit institutions and Households Ibid.
Current Expenditure Ibid.
Capital Expenditure Ibid.
Acquisition of fixed assets Ibid.
Expenditure and lending minus repayments Ibid.

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