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Current and Ongoing

Aid Watch

DRI’s Aid Watch initiative is a series of programs which demand accountability from the aid agencies, and which seek to shed sunlight on their projects, programs, and ideas.  It is dedicated to bringing to public attention the good and the bad in aid: cases where aid pays off handsomely for the poorest people in the world, and cases where it shamefully fails them. Read more.

The Success Project

The Success Project is a new research endeavor that will look beyond the national unit to investigate the role of non-national actors in development success, exploring questions at the heart of how development happens. The introduction of non-national units of analysis will free us from an outdated paradigm that exalts nationalism above all other values—and will ultimately equip us to better understand the role of non-national actors and processes in development success. Read more.



Past Initiatives

The Knowledge Exchange

Grassroots organizations and local entrepreneurs understand the problems of development in a particular context, but don’t always have the capacity to evaluate their projects and ventures. A new DRI program provides practitioners with resources and academic expertise to evaluate, replicate and scale-up projects. The Knowledge Exchange offers free technical assistance to practitioners in exchange for access to the field. The program seeks not only to evaluate the effectiveness of the particular project in question, but also to assess the broader validity of its approach. Read more.

The New Ideas Prize

DRI invites NYU master’s students to submit original research papers, documentary films, or photography projects that challenge the conventional narrative about economic growth in poor countries for our New Ideas Prize. Read more.