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Annual Conference

Once a year, DRI holds an annual conference to discuss the key issues that concern the development world. Speakers and participants convene to think, talk, and debate about a variety of topics ranging from aid practices to rights violations.


2014 | Cities and Development: Urban Determinants of Success, November 18, 2014
DRI co-director Bill Easterly, research scholar Laura Freschi, and speakers Paul Romer, Edward Glaeser, Alain Bertaud, and Nassim Taleb presented and discussed studies of cities as a non-national unit of development, the balance between urban planning and spontaneous order, and antifragility of city-states.


2013 | Beyond the Nation: Pioneering Studies in How Development SpreadsNovember 15, 2013
DRI co-directors Bill Easterly and Yaw Nyarko, speakers Ross Levine, Jonathan Morduch, and Steven Pennings presented and discussed new studies of non-national development under DRI’s research initiative the Success Project.


2012 | Debates in Development: The Search for Answers, March 22, 2012
DRI co-directors Bill Easterly and Yaw Nyarko, speakers Abhijit Banerjee, Andrew Rugasira, Angus Deaton, Bernadette Wanjala, Michael Clemens, and Stewart Paperin debated different approaches to development at Cooper Union.


2011 | New Directions in DevelopmentMarch 4, 2011
DRI co-directors Bill Easterly and Yaw Nyarko, Yale’s Chris Blattman, NYU Economics’ Raquel Fernandez and NYU Law’s Kevin Davis presented and discussed new directions in development at the Cooper Union.


2010 | Best and Worst of Aid, March 5, 2010
DRI co-directors Bill Easterly and Yaw Nyarko, CEO of the Institute for State Effectiveness Claire Lockhart, Vice President of the South East Region in the World Bank Isabel Guerrero, Founder of The Independent Andrew Mwenda, and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Lant Pritchett presented new findings, discussions and debates on the best and worst of what happened in aid.


2009 | What Would the Poor Say? Debates in Aid Evaluation, February 6, 2009
DRI co-directors Bill Easterly and Yaw Nyarko, and over a dozen speakers include Esther Duflo, Laura Freschi, Andrew Mwenda, Lant Pritchett , Nancy Birdsall, June Arunga, Dennis Whittle, Ross Levine, Leonard Wantchekon, Karin Christiansen, and William Duggan criticized aid agencies for their lack of accountability and transparency, and suggested new ideas.