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Bill Gates’ Dictator Problem

NPR’s The Takeaway asks in an interview with one of our local troublemakers this week, are billionaire philanthropists the true champions in the fight against poverty? Listen to at least part of the audio to get the tone of the critique, as well as read the selected

TOMS Shoes dodges questions on evangelical giving partners

I was recently interviewed for a podcast about TOMS shoes, part of which was also picked up on Public Radio International’s The World. Over the course of the podcast I and others articulate arguments about the TOMS Shoes Buy-One-Give-One model that DRI and Aid Watch

Easterly and Banerjee on World Bank Nominee Jim Kim

The new US nominee for World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, has some surprising opinions on the effects of economic growth. The BBC World Business Report interviewed both Bill Easterly and Abhijit Banerjee on the controversy. Listen to the 9-minute interview here:

Professor Easterly Speaks at the Carnegie Council

Why is honesty so important? Professor Easterly discussed this cardinal value in his own career, and in the context of international development, with Julia Kennedy and Devin T. Stewart at the Carnegie Council on September 15. “People do know a lot about their own problems