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Book Launch: The Great Escape by Angus Deaton

  We were honored to host Angus Deaton last week for a lecture on his brand new book The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality. A standing-only crowd piled in to hear Deaton, Professor of International Affairs and  Economics at Princeton, discuss humanity’s

Do free and competitive elections make a democracy? Maybe not

Tanzania looks an awful lot like a democracy. The East African nation has been holding multi-party elections since 1995, which international observers have deemed free and competitive. In Tanzania, votes are not miscounted, opposition parties compete actively, and the ruling party—the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM),

Africa House opening event

Join DRI’s partner organization, Africa House, this Thursday, September 27th at 3:30pm for a discussion of youth unemployment and the 2012 African Economic Outlook with Mthuli Ncube,Vice President and Chief Economist of the African Development Bank. The talk will be followed by a wine and cheese reception at

Does Aid Promote Autocracy?

This is NOT the Nobel Symposium panel with Jeff Sachs and others, for which the video isn’t available yet. It IS a 3-minute clip of a talk Bill gave at the Swedish think tank Timbro while he was in Stockholm. Photo by Julien Harneis via Flickr.

Are Glasses the New TOMS Shoes?

There has been a lot written about the TOMS Shoes buy-one-give-one (BOGO) model and its shortcomings, but what about other companies that boast BOGO? Take Warby Parker, for example, the purveyor of hip eyeglasses that advertises “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” at the top

Not Knowing as the Place to Start

Maurice Lim Miller’s innovative idea was that he didn’t know how to end poverty. He had worked for years for non-profits in San Francisco. One night the mayor called him at home and invited Miller to his office to pitch whichever program he thought would

Adam Smith Award winner for 2013 announced

Just announced: The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) is proud to announce that the Adam Smith Award winner for 2013 will be William Easterly of New York University. APEE describes the award as follows: “The Adam Smith Award is .. is given to recognize

Why Can’t China Just Become Like Us?

The biggest anxiety that some people have about China’s rise is whether a rapidly-growing authoritarian capitalist economy, ranked 2nd largest in the world, will be able and willing to adapt to the unique global responsibilities and pressures that arise from being number one. For a

Deaton v Banerjee, the short version

In March, Abhijit Banerjee and Angus Deaton, two of the most brilliant development economists of our time, squared off at DRI’s Debates in Development conference. Here’s the four-minute version: For Banerjee, co-author with Esther Duflo of Poor Economics, development experiments are valuable because they force researchers to think rigorously