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: Digitization can only Improve Human Resources In simple terms, Human Resources is a faction within a business that controls the hiring of personnel (and training said personnel once the hiring process is complete), that is put in place to assist employees in their professional environment, and is intended to be the essence of a […]

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Is Energy Cost Impacting Health Care?

Every year Americans pay anywhere between $300 billion to $880 billion on health care costs associated with coal production. As James Conca of Forbes put it, we pay $200 billion for coal production each year and then another $300billion to $800 billion on healthcare costs; “This does not make economic sense.” Fortunately, coal production in […]

The NYU Dispatch

The Extinction of Marketing Dinosaurs

As a marketing professional, it is common knowledge that you must continually gain knowledge on best practice and recent innovation in your field. The old phrase of “stay relevant or become obsolete” applies arguably more so to marketing professionals than the overwhelming majority of other professions, especially with the rapid expansion of technology and the […]