Building technology changing the industry tenfold

The global revolution of technological disruption has found its way into every known industry today. For some industries, the burn was slower than it was for others, but even the most traditional, stubborn sectors have gradually come to be inundated by the rise of technological advancement and digitalisation. One of those industries that has found […]

Open education is changing the way students gain knowledge and experience for their future careers

Education is the most important tool in fighting ignorance in society. It’s important to discover advancement in humanity. Education comes in many forms. It may be a general education acquired during primary and secondary school. Education can advance into a professional higher education degree or certificate – it is important even for entrepreneurs keen on […]

Cultivating an understanding in cybersecurity can help consumers keep their information safe

As society becomes saturated with the digital age of information, consumers are given the option to pick network service providers that will cater to them with high speeds and uninterrupted service. Choosing these providers has become increasingly difficult as cybersecurity becomes an area of focus for consumers keen to protect their identity and data. Although […]

Embrace the fear – Artificial Intelligence

Technology has played a massive role in society for a long time. It seems that each time we familiarise ourselves with the current technologies, new ones are rolled out to turn us on our heads once again. Technological advancement and innovation is a wonderful thing. There is no denying that technology, in some form or […]