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How do Trump’s domestic tax cuts affect the world?

When Klaus Schwab held the first Economic Forum in the early 70s, he would not have expected a leader like President Donald Trump to ever see a place on his platform. Yet, on January 26th the esteemed founder saw himself congratulating the President for his

Why do so many crimes go by unreported in The States?

The majority of crimes committed in the United States are never reported to the police. Worse still, the crimes that are reported are usually never solved. In 2016 a miserable 42 percent of violent crime and an even more miserable 36 percent of property crime

Surveillance in schools: has it gone too far?

The topic of surveillance in schools and universities is one that has garnered a reputation for controversy in recent years. While implemented under the guise of improving student and staff “wellbeing”, surveillance tools such as CCTV cameras, on-campus police and careful student observation through metal

Governments in the Cloud

Cloud computing solutions are becoming the norm for governments across the globe Ever since Amazon first introduced its AWS, consumers and businesses have reaped the benefits provided by cloud computing. Amazon defines these services as the on-demand delivery of database storage, applications, and other IT

Incarceration in Modern Society

Through history, as long as society as we know it has existed, a legal system has been one of the bedrocks on which it is built. A system with a set of laws that every citizen must abide by. Without them, we slip very quickly

Is technology helping or hindering the fight against terrorism?

  The rise of tech-savvy global terrorism networks is a topic that has certainly gained traction in recent years, with counterterrorist organizations worldwide increasingly focused on the methods and mediums used by violent extremists to carry out terrorist activities. Groups active on the web today

The Dangers of Nuclear War Between North Korea and the US

The threat of war between the US and North Korea has continued to grow as both nuclear-armed states refuse to give ground and reflect on their shared security history. The world inches dangerously close to an armed conflict between the United States and North Korea,