U.S. Birth Tourism Scandal: The Latest In A Series Of Growing Unethical Tourism Practises?

Travel has become more common in recent years and technology has made it far more accessible. Rather than going with a tour agency, those who are interested to visit any country is able to build their own itinerary from scratch from the information provided on the internet. However, along with the boom in tourism industry, […]

Taking it from the top – AI improving US immigration process

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have disrupted practically every industry over recent years. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find an industry or facet of life that has been entirely untouched by AI, machine learning, or both. While there are constant reports and articles about how AI has impacted business, marketing, hospitality, retail, and tourism (among […]

The NYU Dispatch

Are Fraternities and Substance Abuse Creating Addicts?

College fraternities have been a dependable, ever-present staple on college campuses for decades. They are as old as the colleges they represent. Students join fraternities for the opportunity, leadership, social interaction, and a chance to network with other young men with big goals and even bigger dreams of their own. Fraternity brothers have gone on […]