Law and the power of apology

How many lawsuits do you think would actually end up in court if the guilty party had at some point shown even the slightest bit of remorse for their actions? How many divorce or child custody cases would the American court system have had to deal with had one party simply acted in a conciliatory […]

Taking the final exit – A US business in decline

In America, the country has a rich history of truckers being the lifeblood of the country, delivering and collecting goods, getting them from one location to their ultimate destination. In years past, the trucker business was alight with individuals that wanted to be a part of it for the money, the free lifestyle, and the […]

Legal processes involving sexual harassment need a relook

The debate on sexual harassment is at an all-time high with the #MeToo and #Time’s Up movement putting the spotlight on an issue that has been an insidious part of the gender equation.  Recent months have seen a slew of sexual misconduct stories being unearthed almost every day, begging the question– should the 21st century […]

Power tearing nations apart

Laws in their very nature form the necessary basis of rules through which conduct is regulated and expected in society. Despite the essence of laws in their core being abundantly clear, it seems that even some of the world’s greatest nations continue to grapple with the lines of what is morally sound, and what is […]