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Breaking the Habit

The perils of smoking have been public knowledge for many years now. The health risks posed by the habit have been well publicized. According to the WHO, each year more than 7 million people lose their lives as a direct consequence of smoking. Still, it

David Michigan and the rise of Instagram fitness trainers

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. There’s something that all these platforms have in common beyond social media, and it might just surprise you. The growth of social media has given rise to plenty of new fads and trends, but there’s one trend which looks like it’s here

Chasing the fountain of youth

For as long as civilization has been around, people have been obsessed with staying young. The obsession, in the past was simply stemmed from the desire to stay away from old age. The association implied that old age was just a stepping stone towards death.

America’s adoption of the standing desk

  Standing, or even better yet, convertible desks, are rapidly becoming a common scene in the corporate realm. While some companies like Google have been ahead of the curve and were early-adopters of standing desks, this was easily predictable or even shunned by skeptics: since

Movies, Culture, and Drug Addiction

Drugs have always been a part of the human experience. From early days and the birth of civilization to the hippie movement of free love and psychedelics, drugs have been intertwined with our culture, belief systems, and way of life. And with the rise of

Will we ever have a cure for cancer?

Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. – Epictetus One of humanity’s perpetual problems has been the rise of number of diseases, how they are becoming more difficult to cure. Or

Are luxury rehabs the best solution to addiction?

When it comes to beating addiction, there is no simple method. The road is a long and arduous one, and can involve such physical and mental agony that many addicts find themselves back in the grip of addiction after several attempts to change their behaviors.

How Tech Transformed Traditional Healthcare

Technology is a many-faceted concept. American real estate entrepreneur, Jeff Greene sees it as a great equalizer “when it comes to healthcare, education – to the point where rich, poor, middle class can all get the same benefits.” In fact,the unimaginable changes the 21st century