Make (the health of) America great

America is currently up in arms, with many topics being the centre of fierce conversation and debate. There are many topics that warrant discussion among the public and professionals in the field, but there are only a few that need dire attention. One topic that needs more discussion and more structure around the ins and […]

The evolving science of nutrition

It seems as though the scientists are in constant battles with the advertising and marketing industry. This is especially true for food and nutrition scientists versus the food advertisers and marketers. Food science is an incredibly complex concept to understand unless someone has scholarly information and education to resource their knowledge. For most of the […]

Our Changing Relationship with Protein

As a society, we’ve come a long way in our overall nutritional education. More and more of us are getting wise to the fact that we need to be mindful of the macro nutrients we’re consuming every day, and not just how many greens we have on our plates. Nowhere is our collective awakening to […]

Running your way to better health

In this age of social media disruption, people are overly concentrated on self-improvement. A major part of this image change, both in the mental and physical sphere, is exercise. It can be the traditional way of yoga, tai chi or natural remedies, or adopting new-age technologies such as exercise apps, step tracking devices, nutrition or […]

Technological assistance for mental health

The ever growing and demanding stress of modern day life has placed human beings in an unfavorable position regarding their mental health: it is almost as if everyone is complaining about something that bothers them so much that they cannot focus on anything. Many remedies have been proposed and tried, including using prescription medication, socializing […]