U.S. Birth Tourism Scandal: The Latest In A Series Of Growing Unethical Tourism Practises?

Travel has become more common in recent years and technology has made it far more accessible. Rather than going with a tour agency, those who are interested to visit any country is able to build their own itinerary from scratch from the information provided on the internet. However, along with the boom in tourism industry, […]

Healthcare in the 20th Century

Health is crucial for individual well-being and development of society as a whole. Healthy populations live longer and are more productive. The situation of healthcare is extremely challenging at this juncture. Populations are ageing worldwide and proportion of people aged over 60 is projected to almost double to around 2 billion between 2015 and 2050. […]

Building Wellness, Not Treating Disease

Millennials are leading the healthcare industry to redefine its role Change may be the essence of life, yet its progress over the years has been mostly unobtrusive. That is, until the Millennial generation. With the Millennials came technology and instant access to information, and then, rapid change in leaps and bounds. American writer and businessman, […]