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Is STEM education beneficial in the elementary classroom?

For the past twenty years STEM has been the center of focus for many governments, institutions and corporations in the field of education. Billions of dollars have been invested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. By now, most of us are all familiar with

Surveillance in schools: has it gone too far?

The topic of surveillance in schools and universities is one that has garnered a reputation for controversy in recent years. While implemented under the guise of improving student and staff “wellbeing”, surveillance tools such as CCTV cameras, on-campus police and careful student observation through metal

The Internet’s impact on Education

  The Internet’s phenomenal growth does not, ironically, warrant a second thought. It is simply a widely accepted fact. Like the discovery of Fire and invention of the Wheel, the Internet is one of humanity’s greatest developments. More than half the entire world’s population is

Cleaning up the student loan crisis

For years now, the student loan crisis has become a cause for serious concern in the American economy. With the total borrowings pegged at close to 1.3 trillion dollars, it is the highest consumer debt category in the country. Only mortgage debt stands higher, as

The Humble Research Paper in a Modern World

Since the advent of the written word, man has engaged in a pursuit of using the medium to transfer ideas, thoughts, images and stories. Literacy ie. the ability to read and write, has become the benchmark that is used to measure the level of education

The Curse of Credentialism

Credentialism, or degree inflation, as it is sometimes referred to, has been a growing problem globally for the better part of the last decade.  According to estimates from Harvard University, six million jobs will be affected by degree inflation and employers increasingly demand applicants have

Why universities need to do something to arrest rising dropout rates

Dropout rates at the undergraduate level in US institutions have reached alarming levels. Data released by the National Centre for Education Statistics for the year 2015 paint a grim picture. Out of the first-time undergraduate students who enrol for full time bachelor’s degree courses of