Overcoming the struggles of students with children

College is hard enough on its own. If you have a child, especially if that child is an infant or toddler, it can seem practically unmanageable. You’ll be torn between your academic responsibilities and your personal responsibilities, trying to juggle class schedules with doctor’s appointments and time at home, and you’ll be forced to deal […]

Open education is changing the way students gain knowledge and experience for their future careers

Education is the most important tool in fighting ignorance in society. It’s important to discover advancement in humanity. Education comes in many forms. It may be a general education acquired during primary and secondary school. Education can advance into a professional higher education degree or certificate – it is important even for entrepreneurs keen on […]

Online open education and its utilization of VPNs

Living in the age of the internet, it’s inherently important that consumers, workers, businessmen, and all people have access to the internet if they should choose to do so. Although many developed and developing countries already have internet access, they do not always have access to the kinds of internet information that other places do […]

How open education relates to socioeconomics

Debt is truly a heavy burden to carry. But to no one more so than those attempting to rise from poverty and enhance their prospects of a better livelihood. Why is this? The very mechanism designed to propel people into better places – education – comes with shackles that drag down those struggling to break […]